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Don’t be taken aback by the title of this post. You know that I am generally a very “proper” speaker, not given to using expletives. It’s the name of a book that I am reviewing in today’s post. 🙂 I … Continue reading

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Birthday treasure hunt

It’s already an year since Mayura, my daughter, celebrated her 18th birthday by donating blood. Even her 19th Birthday was celebrated in a unique manner, courtesy her imaginative friends. Since about a week before her birthday, one by one, all … Continue reading

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Musical Housie

Our Company, Skyscape, started it’s operations on 19th November 2000. Since last few years, we celebrate the Friday around 19th November as our Annual Day. There are lot of “”extra-curricular” activates around the annual day. These include sports like carrom, … Continue reading

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…

I am writing this post today for a contest, Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!, sponsored by Dove & IndiBlogger, the popular directory of Indian blogs. I can see some of you, … Continue reading

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Innovation in the field of obsolescence!

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Whereas obsolescence means getting out of date, innovation means a new idea, process, product. So how can there be Innovation in the field of obsolescence? How can there be a new idea or a product in … Continue reading

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You named me WHAT?

There was a very interesting news a couple of days ago. An Israeli couple Lior and Vardit Adler, from Hod Hasharon, a town north-east of Tel Aviv have named their daughter “Like”.   Lior Adler stressed that it was important … Continue reading

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Children are calendars!

When I was young, many times children were referred to as calendars. So if two childhood friends were to meet each other after a very long time, they would enquire “So how many calendars do you have”. What they were … Continue reading

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