Musical Housie

Our Company, Skyscape, started it’s operations on 19th November 2000. Since last few years, we celebrate the Friday around 19th November as our Annual Day.


There are lot of “”extra-curricular” activates around the annual day. These include sports like carrom, TT, badminton and off course cricket. There are also cultural competitions like Rangoli , T-shirt painting etc. All this culminates into a function in which the team puts up a two hour entertainment program which is followed by a gala dinner and then a DJ.

DSC05937This year, we had a new item in the pre-function activities called “Musical Housie”. Mr. Agashe conducted the game for us. Mr. Agashe is our business associate. He is a very versatile character. Apart from doing business with us, he also runs a very successful coaching class. In fact, this year, one of his students stood first in the whole state of Maharashtra. Additionally, he is a good singer and a great music lover.  He readily agreed to conduct the game for us. Before the game, none of us knew what Musical Housie meant.

DSC05920All of us know what the game of housie (or lotto or tambola) is. Musical housie is slightly different. The ticket has names of movies instead of the numbers. As you can see in the photo here, each ticket had 3 rows of 4 columns each. So there were a total of 12 movie names on the ticket. Each player was given one ticket.

DSC05942Mr. Agashe had a collection of about 100 different movie songs. The songs were not complete, but just a snippet of about a minute. The game is pretty simple. Mr. Agashe played the songs non-stop. As the song started playing, the players were to recognize the movie to which the song belonged. If that movie was amongst the 12 movies on your ticket, you got a hit. You mark it on the ticket with a tick.

DSC05933The rest of it was very similar to the normal housie. There were 5 different prizes. One for “early five”, three for three rows and one for full house. If anyone reached any of these milestones, (s)he would raise the hand and songs would be stopped. The correctness of the claim was verified and the prize announced.

Mr. Agashe explained the rules and then the game began. It took about an hour to get to the “full house” prize. But that was a very enjoyable hour. The collection of songs was wide. It included songs from 1960 to 2011. All of them really great and very popular. As the songs played, people cheered. Some broke into impromptu dances. It was a very pleasant hour.


What was even more enjoyable than the songs themselves, was watching the people and the expressions on their faces. As the song started, there was immense concentration on everyone’s face, trying to recognize the song. Then there was a strained expression as one tried to match the song with the cinema. And a great smile as the movie was recognized. Once that was out of the way, each one was sucked into the song, imagined the visuals that most had witnessed sometime and turned into the leading man or the lady of the movie, and started singing along. What a sight. Smile

Thank you Mr. Agashe for a great evening. Those of you who are inspired by this, you can conduct this yourselves with a little preparation. However, if you want the original, I can make an effort to get him to do the game show for a little fee. Open-mouthed smile

(All photos in the article courtsey Vikrant Bodkhe. The collage made using

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8 Responses to Musical Housie

  1. raj says:

    mr. makarand can you explain about the steps for generating the tickets in excel? Pl.

  2. Ashima says:

    We are also doing a housie of a different kind with slum kids tomorrow! 🙂 We are using the game to promote good habits, so the ticket will have sentences like “I will help others” and “I will throw garbage in dustbin” instead of numbers! 🙂 Hope it goes well! I was looking for sample housie ticket image and stumbled upon your blog! 🙂

  3. ameya says:

    Here’s my take on it, including my python script to generate this game for your own if Mr. Agashe doesn’t want to do it again or if you are too cheap to pay Mr. Agashe the small fee 🙂

  4. Rupesh jadhav says:

    It was a great fun and we all enjoyed a lot 🙂

  5. It is the best pre-function activity for this year…We are expecting more such events from Agashe Sir …surely for Free of cost 🙂

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