About me

I am Makarand Karkare, 50+  Indian gentleman.

An Engineer by education,
A Software Developer by Profession,
An armchair philosopher,
A die-hard romantic,
A fortunate human being surrounded by a whole bunch of loving people,
A voracious reader,
An avid learner,
A tireless talker,
A budding blogger,
An amature photographer,
A fun loving, boisterous person,
A doting husband,
A loving father,
And many more things… 🙂

One of the prominent traits I have is my love for talking. I have a gift of gab. I can talk on many subjects at length. This blog is an attempt to try to figure out if what I can do with spoken word, can I do it with the written word.

I wrote a blog post about why I write a blog. 🙂

And for those of you who are curious, here is my what I am in my professional life.


19 Responses to About me

  1. Neil says:

    Hi Makarand…
    I read your blog on English mangalashtak.
    Is there any possible way that you could help me with the audio.
    Please do let me know at the earliest for that will be real helpful.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello sir,
    I’ve read all your articles that were published in MT and saved too. (I like to keep paper-cuttings) Your articles were really good, interesting as well as giving some kind of motivation to peoples to write their own blog. Many thanks for sharing them with us and looking forward to read more articles by you.
    Just browsed your blog, really awesome and with great posts. Lots of helpful and enjoyable posts seen, I’ll surely go through them. I’m quite new in blogging, so there is much more to learn from you.
    Thank you, keep posting! 🙂

    • Jitu
      Thanks for your feedback. You just made my day.
      It’s always good to get a feedback from the readers. That tells you that someone is reading it. My frequency of posting on my blog has gone down. I havent posted anything there in almost three months. I hope to start soon.
      I visited your blog and did a little looking around. Your chosen subject is very good, and information related to Google Plus is really helpful. People already know a lot about facebook, but are not aware about Google Plus to that extent. These articles should help them.
      Keep blogging.

  3. Anil Satpute says:

    Dear Makarand ji,
    Today I read your article in Maharashtra Times. Actually, I am very much Impressed I am writing the Blogs for Students & parents. I found out many easy methods of calculations, and on the same basis I started writing the blogs for students & parents. I think, you might be best to guide me in proper direction so that my blogs will be beneficial to all the students of the world. My purpose is to improve the basic concepts of Math in the mind of kids so that their thinking level will increase.

    Kindly help me improve my blogs so that it will reach to all the students. Frankly speaking, I am not any great person. These are my views which I would like to share with all the students to improve the Math concept in their mind

    My web site is : http://www.7pute.com

    My Blog URL : http://anil7pute.blogspot.in/

    If you like my blog, please spread the word.

    Thank & Regards

    Anil Baburao Satpute

    • Anil,
      I had a quick visit to your blog and I liked what I saw. What you are doing will greatly help the young students. About spreading your blog widely, there is no easy solution. Are you using facebook to post your blogs? I hope to cover the ways of increasing the readership in my column.

      • Anil says:

        Dear Makarand ji,
        Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Actually there is very good response from USA. Being Indian I want that more Indians should read my blog. I am not any great person, but what ever simple methods or my concept about Math, I would like to share it with the students. I had done research in mathematics. I published my 2-3 research papers ( Satpute’s Differential Equation) in so many conferences. I published two books ( one in Math ” Jadunagari Sankhyanchi & other Marathi poetry Book ” Virangula “.

        My purpose is this that more Indians should visit my Blog site. Secondly any more improvement do I need to Improve my Blogs?

        Once again Thanks.


      • Anil Satpute says:

        Dear Sir,
        Please tell me about my today’s Blog.
        My Blog URL : http://anil7pute.blogspot.in/
        With Regards
        Anil Satpute

      • anil Satpute says:

        Dear Makarand ji,
        Please visit my blogs on Math which have amazing software like 1) Area Volume Calculation Tool, 2) Software for Magic Squares which can be prepared by any one simply by entering date of birth or anniversary date or any 4 numbers of your choice between -9999 and 9999. These two magic squares will have 28 types of additions.

        Click the following links.

        1) For Area Volume Calculator :


        2) For Magic Squares :


        Please give your valuable suggestions..
        Anil Baburao Satpute.

  4. Hello Makarand:
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you have some very interesting blogs. I intend to read them. I also started as a programmer but moved on to other things. That is what happens in life. Currently I am trying to improve my writing. I have been doing it for the past ten years, but can always improve.

  5. Sunanda / Sanika says:

    Enjoyed your various posts – you DO write as well as you converse !!
    Kudos !!!

  6. Madan Limaye says:

    Hello Sir!

    Just saw your blog, has been a very long time. Had a pleasant surprise reading your blogs. Still remember your enthusiasm while teaching at VESIT. It was fortunate that we had teachers like yourself, Marathe, and Gokhale who taught us how to think (rather than just believe).

    Saw your quote on Ubuntu while following a blog from a close friend and colleague of mine (Riz. Mithani). Not sure how you know Riz. Mithani (probably you know him from your undergrad days at IIT Bombay).

    Please pass on my regards to Marathe sir as well. Still have fond memories that I narrate to my kids 🙂

    Sincere Regards,

    Madan Limaye

    • Madan

      It’s great to be back in touch. Thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed teaching. It was very rewarding and it was the young crowd around that really generated the enthusiasm. Choosing between teaching and software development was tough. Till about four years ago, I continued teaching as a visiting faculty, but had to give up becasue of time pressures. I will get back to teaching sometime again. 🙂

      I will convey your regards to Marathe Sir. Let’s keep in touch.


  7. Deven says:

    Hello Makarand:

    I knew you had a talent for talking, This is your new side. You do you writing as well as (if not better than) talking. I just stumbled upon your blog through FB, and found a treasure.

    Keep writing.
    Deven (atnoor)

  8. charu says:

    I am terrible in programming. Why don’t you try going back to programming by starting to teach me?

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