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तमसो मां ज्योतिर्गमय – गुरुत्वाकर्षणच्या मदतीने!

आजसुद्धा जगातले जवळ जवळ १५० कोटी लोक वीज पुरवठ्या पासून वंचित आहेत. आपल्या प्रकाशाच्या गरजेकरता ह्यांच्यापैकी बहुतेक सर्वजण केरोसीन च्या ढणढणत्या चिमण्यांचा वापर करतात. वर्ल्ड बँकेच्या अंदाजानुसार, ह्या धुरामुळे सुमारे ७८ कोटी बायकामुलांच्या आरोग्यावर, रोज दोन पाकिटे सिगारेट ओढण्या इतका … Continue reading

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इंग्लिश मंगलाष्टक

Last few weeks, we have been pre-occupied with my son, Mihir’s wedding. A wedding is quite a project, that needs contributions from so many people. In fact, In Marathi, we have a saying, लग्न पहावे करून. (One must experience organizing … Continue reading

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एक घास चिऊचा

I don’t think there is any Marathi Manus who hasn’t heard this phrase. No Marathi kid ever grew up without offering morsels to the sparrows.  In fact, the sparrow, was a great accomplice for the parents in feeding their children. … Continue reading

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They used all their marbles :-)

A strange news story caught my eye last week. It was titled Gambians Vote with Marbles. A sliver of land wedged into Senegal, Gambia has 1.7 million citizens but only 800,000 are eligible to vote. More than half of the … Continue reading

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Dance floor that produces electricity

Do you believe that a dance floor can generate all the electricity it needs from the people who dance on the floor? Sounds unbelievable? Then read on. Piezoelectricity is the charge which accumulates in certain solid materials (notably crystals, certain … Continue reading

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The real life Saas Bahu Saga from England

Last week, the internet and the newspapers were abuzz with an email that had gone viral. The email was sent to a “bad mannered” bride-to-be, from her future mother-in-law. As per this story in Guardian of UK, In the email … Continue reading

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Wheels on Wheels

Last weekend, I went to Ratnagiri with a couple of friends. We drove over NH 17, all the way from Mumbai to Hatkhamba. This is one of the best times to drive on this road. The route goes up and … Continue reading

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