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R.I.P. The Resurgent Indian Patriots

The headlines of the January 23rd Times of India were unbelievable. Gadkari decides to opt out, Rajnath set to be new BJP prez Chautala, son get 10 years in jail. They were in fact so unbelievable that Sanjay Mehta, a … Continue reading

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Everyone loves their family

There is no doubt whatsoever, that love for one’s family (and from one’s family) creates magic. Many a miraculous things happen because of this. Harry potter was saved from he who must not be named as his mother’s love protected him from the … Continue reading

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तमसो मां ज्योतिर्गमय – गुरुत्वाकर्षणच्या मदतीने!

आजसुद्धा जगातले जवळ जवळ १५० कोटी लोक वीज पुरवठ्या पासून वंचित आहेत. आपल्या प्रकाशाच्या गरजेकरता ह्यांच्यापैकी बहुतेक सर्वजण केरोसीन च्या ढणढणत्या चिमण्यांचा वापर करतात. वर्ल्ड बँकेच्या अंदाजानुसार, ह्या धुरामुळे सुमारे ७८ कोटी बायकामुलांच्या आरोग्यावर, रोज दोन पाकिटे सिगारेट ओढण्या इतका … Continue reading

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Congratulations Social Wavelength

On this auspicious day of Vijaya Dashmi, I have a great news to share. My son, Mihir, is part of the founding team of Social Wavelength, a Social Media Agency. Social Wavelength is one of the finalists for the 2011 … Continue reading

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You named me WHAT? Part II

A few days ago, I had written a post named “You named me WHAT?”, when I read the news that, a couple in Israel had named their child Like. I was reminded of that post by a very disturbing news, … Continue reading

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Honest Traffic Police!

Many people would consider the title of this post an oxymoron. Traffic police and Honest!! It doesn’t fit. I had written a post In defence of Mumbai Police, when the legendary singer Asha Bhosale, had publically criticised Mumbai Police for … Continue reading

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NRI kids come home to Gujrat gurukul

According to this news in today’s TOI, Wary Of Westernization,Parents Send 20 Children To Learn Indian Culture About a month ago,they were strutting in their latest denims,but now,they are more keen on keeping their feet firmly on the ground and … Continue reading

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