Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…


I am writing this post today for a contest, Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!, sponsored by Dove & IndiBlogger, the popular directory of Indian blogs.

I can see some of you, wondering what a bald man could say about hair. Open-mouthed smile. I am not offended. I understand, and if you would be just a little patient, things would become clear very shortly.

I am an Engineer by education and computer programmer by profession. I am completely obsessed with clarity and logic. Based on my experiences, I am going to prove, beyond any doubt that If you Love your hair then it loves you back!

So, as we said in IIT, let’s get our funda(mental)s clear, before I set out to prove!

What does one mean by “Love your hair”? To me, it means taking very good care of your hair. Nurturing them. Nourishing them by using the fantastic Dove Nourishing Oil Care Products. Grooming them. Treating them with respect and care.

And what do I understand by hair loves you back? They glisten, look healthy, easily allow you to groom them whichever way you want to and in general make you look handsome. It allows you to enjoy many pleasures that only good hair can afford. Like the fingers of your loved one combing through them. Like the wind blowing through them on a mountain top or on a seashore, caressing them lovingly, making you feel on top of the world. Kahlil Gibran expressed this perfectly when he said “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

And what happens when the hair don’t love you back? They decide to leave you. And before you know, you don’t have them. And why would they do it? Because you don’t love them.

In logic, the contrapositive of a conditional statement of the form “if A then B” is formed by negating both terms and reversing the direction of inference. Thus, the contrapositive of the statement “if A, then B” is “if not B, then not A.” A statement and its contrapositive are logically equivalent: if the statement is true, then its contrapositive is true, and vice versa.

So if the statement is “If you Love your hair then it loves you back”, then it’s contrapositive is “If your hair don’t love you, then you didn’t love them”. And so if we can prove this contrapositive, then the original is automatically proven.

I am already bald, so my hair don’t love me. Now I would prove that I didn’t love my hair enough, and then rest my case. Open-mouthed smile

As a growing boy, I had a full head of curly hair. While in school, I loved my hair. I would groom them using coconut oil and comb them. In a school which was famous for it’s barberic management, I was allowed with longer hair only because I took good care of them.

Then at the age of 17, I went to stay in a hostel, and started ignoring my hair. My first job was in a steel plant, where I worked in a steel melting shop. The temperature inside the furnace used to 1700 degrees centigrade and the ambient temperature more that 45. The shop floor was full of dust and grime. The dust floated in the air and wouldsettle on our hair. We had to wear helmets, which made us sweat even more and virtually matted our hair.

A furnace in a steel plant being tapped. I worked in front of such a furnace.

And at the end of the shift, we wanted to get clean and leave for home. The factory provided each of us with a cake of washing soap to wash our clothes. But everyday, we even washed ourselves with the same cake. Even our hair. I was definitely not loving my hair. Sad smile

On top of that, I smoked! According to this study, smoking accelerates hair fall. I quit smoking much later, but by then, it was too late. The damage was already done.

By the time I was 24, I noticed that I had started losing hair quite fast. The cartoon below, borrowed from clearly shows what I went through.

Needless to say, I found Geeta, my wife, before I lost too much hair and we married more than a quarter century ago.

I made all the efforts to re-grow my hair. But Dove hadn’t come up with their wonderful products. All the efforts didn’t work. Everyone around me was always curious about my receding hairline. I couldn’t grow my hair, so I used another trick to divert people’s (and my own) attention from my losing hair. I started growing facial hair, a beard.

At that time I was teaching in an engineering college. The students were very curious at that time and asked me why I was growing a beard. I remember telling them, “I would prefer to be called ‘bearded’ than ‘bald’”.

I take care of whatever little I have left. I really miss my hair. And I guess every baldy does. So we invent funny quotes like “God made very few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair”. However, we feel the loss. At least I do. So whenever I see young people with full hair neglecting them, my heart goes out to them. I want to tell them to take care of their hair. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

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12 Responses to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…

  1. Dinesh Gajjar says:

    Nice article 🙂 all the best…

  2. Jorge says:

    this is a brilliant post
    all the best for the contesttt
    my votes for u


  3. swapna says:

    Great post and nice tips about what not to do with haircare.

  4. zradar says:

    Loved the cartoon..Good thinking and good humour you have in this post..Working in high temperatures will defintiely affect hair….good luck on the contest..
    Here is my take on the subject – See if you like it..

  5. Sir, I love the cartoon part of the article & nicely depicted the truth, hair today, gone 2moro.

  6. GamingGarage says:

    Nice humour i like that pic,Its funny,all d best.
    Hope u like and promote my post “The Girl i loved”
    Check out sure ul like my post.

  7. seema19Seema says:

    Wonderful post.all the best for contest.

  8. Shefali says:

    All the best!

  9. purushu says:

    this is a brilliant post 😀
    all the best for the contesttt 🙂
    my votes for u 🙂

  10. eNVee says:

    all the best…

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