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It’s already a month since I started!

On January 1, 2011, I made a resolution to write a blog every day. The first post I wrote was Why write a blog? and I said So I am writing this blog like a diary, to record events from … Continue reading

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What’s so special about 21-year-old Naresh

I know this is a little late to share this story that was first published in July 2008. But I read it today courtesy Vishal Sharma, and it’s so inspiring that I had to share it with my readers. Here is … Continue reading

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No TV Day

Hindustan Times had declared today, January 29th 2011 as a No TV day in Mumbai. HT hasn’t left any stone unturned in promoting this special day. They have been using their publications as well as hoardings for promoting the NO … Continue reading

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Puja at the new office

I cannot write about anything else but our new office. For last two months, the office was under making. Now the office is almost ready and we will be moving this weekend. Starting Monday, we will all be working from … Continue reading

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Like what you do

Nowadays, everybody tells us to do what we like. You must have heard Make your hobby into your profession and you never have to work. Not each one of us have hobbies that can become professions. I was talking to … Continue reading

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A tribute to Bhimsen Joshi

I am not a classical music buff. I can follow a beat, and can appreciate a good tune, but when it comes to notes and scales and ragas and sur, I am a complete dumbo. People who know my knowledge … Continue reading

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As mentioned in the post Who are you cheating, I participated in a management training. During the training, the trainer showed a slide which had just a single word on it. DWYSYWD The first thing I noticed about the word … Continue reading

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