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Cricket Mania

The cricket world cup started and now the whole nation is gripped in the cricket fever. Bulbul Sharma wrote a very funny article Television is my rival in love and marriage in the Sunday Times on 13th February. I highly … Continue reading

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Accident at Shivaji Park

Yesterday’s article about swimming brought up more related memories. It used to be a fairly long journey from home to the pool. However, we never felt it to to be long since we always looked forward to the swim. However, … Continue reading

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Learning to swim

One of my blogger friends Evelyn wrote an interesting post a few days ago about swimming. She was musing whether one’s favourite swimming stoke has any correlation with the personality of that person. That reminded me of my muse about … Continue reading

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Thank you Uncle Pai!

Anant Pai, popularly and fondly called “Uncle Pai” passed away yesterday. I am indebted to him forever, because he helped me make my kids realize that reading was fun. In the process, he also introduced them to Indian culture. I … Continue reading

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Now we can get a thinking cap

When we want to solve a problem, want to ponder about something, we say “I am going to put my thinking cap on”. What we really mean is that we want to take some time, and concentrate on solving the … Continue reading

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Face pain to reduce it

A couple of weeks ago, an item in Times of India caught my eye. The article was Looking at your body can reduce pain. Most people prefer to look away when they know something is going to hurt. However, a … Continue reading

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Gray hair = wisdom (sometimes…)

In the same Silicon India conference I mentioned in my yesterday’s blog, I met another Samir, also an alumnus of IIT Mumbai and my hostel mate, Samir Kumar, Managing Director of Inventus Capital partners, a venture capital firm. Unlike Sam … Continue reading

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