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Leonardo da Vinci’s Resume

Here is learning to write resume from a very unusual source. Leonardo da Vinci! A few days ago, one of my teammates, Om, sent me a mail about Leonardo da Vinci’s resume. It was very intriguing. I started looking for … Continue reading

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Jetlagged in Boston…

You might have wondered what happened to me. Did I just vanish from the blogosphere? No. I am alive and kicking. Here is the story. The last article I wrote was about my son’s birthday on 21st April. It was … Continue reading

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Children are calendars!

When I was young, many times children were referred to as calendars. So if two childhood friends were to meet each other after a very long time, they would enquire “So how many calendars do you have”. What they were … Continue reading

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Save those cuss words

We are always told by our elders that using swear words is bad and we should never use them. However, from time to time, particularly when we are in shock or pain, we let out a few anyways. Science has … Continue reading

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Don’t let a mental block stop you

I had a migraine attack today morning, after a long time. Migraine (from the Greek words hemi, meaning half, and kranion, meaning skull) is a debilitating condition characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. Approximately one-third of people who … Continue reading

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Showing off Mumbai…

When you have a NRI visitor who visits from the US very infrequently, how do you demonstrate to him the progress India is making in a very short time. That was the challenge facing me when my wife’s uncle, Mama, … Continue reading

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Corruption and Us

A very interesting post in today’s Mumbai Mirror by Bhavin Jankharia. People who live in glass houses…, He writes a column every Saturday and I read it fairly regularly and agree with him many times. Today’s article was very thought … Continue reading

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