How did Mayura celebrate her 18th birthday

Thanks guys for all your comments. Thanks for your encouragement.

Today I am going to talk about a very remarkable event in the last year.

Mayura, my daughter, celebrated her 18th birthday on 20th November 2010. She celebrated it in a very remarkable way.

For a long time me & Geeta, my wife, were thinking about how to celebrate that big day in her life.

One day in early November, I was driving to work and I was listening to the FM radio. I heard this cute ad about blood donation.

Young Girl : Thanks Bhaiya (Brother)

Grownup Male : You are welcome. But why are you thanking me.

Young Girl : I have thalassemia. A lot of brothers and sisters like you donate blood to me, but I don’t get to even meet them. So I thank everyone I meet.

Grownup Male: But I have never donated blood. But I will surely donate now.

Young Girl : So thank you for the next time

You got to hear that ad. It’s so touching. I had a lump in my throat. And at that moment I had this thought in mind. Eighteen is the age at which blood donation is allowed. Won’t donating blood on the 18th birthday be a great way to celebrate it.

That day when I came home, I said to Geeta, “Won’t it be a great thing for Mayura to donate blood on here 18th birthday?”

Imagine my pleasure when Geeta told me “That’s exactly what she plans to do”. I felt so proud of my daughter! Mayura, you make us very proud.

So that’s how Mayura celebrated her entry into adulthood. On the same day, she also registered herself in the voter’s list.

How did you celebrate your eighteenth birthday? How do you think everyone should celebrate their birthdays? Please write.

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15 Responses to How did Mayura celebrate her 18th birthday

  1. Ashish Naik says:

    It is amazing how Mayura thought about this way of celebrating. She is mature beyond her years.

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  3. Sanjeev Singh says:

    Its great idea to celebrate the Birthday. I hope more people follow that idea..

  4. Arti says:

    Its a shame so many of us just grow up always thinking about our own selves and never about others! The ad is indeed touching and Mayura has given us a lesson to grow up in a good way and do our bit for humanity. Really commendable!

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  6. Hitesh Chhatralia says:

    All life we run the race of life for money, for family, for personal and social life and enjoying life to the fullest. We have everything, but no time.

    Gradually life passes and things start to slow down.
    When we reach later stage of life, and think, about past, what have we done for ourself and for others, we should not regret.

    Hence, we should live atleast 1 day of a year, every year for others.

    Happiness cannot be measured, but measure the happiness, when we make others happy. Those moments would be the best moments of life.

    There is no joy without making others enjoy..!!

    Sir, if we can organise a Blood Donation Camp, specially, if it is on Birthday of our organization, nothing like it.

  7. Sajan John says:

    Great to know this, Mayura. Keep it up always. In Holy Bible its mentioned that ‘GOD loves a cheerful giver’. I have also heard another saying that ‘you have not lived unless you have done something for others’.
    This is really encouraging. Thank you sir for sharing this.

  8. Pradeep Suryawanshi says:

    Celebrating your birthday by donating blood is really a great idea if this is being practiced atleast by the people who are aware of the importance of Blood Donation then I am sure that we will never ever get to hear alert messages from various sources about “Urgent blood required for a 5 year boy or girl” and many more such messages.

    How do you think everyone should celebrate their birthdays?

    According to me we can celebrate our birthday by visiting any particular trusts which take care of children which are from slums and due to poverty their parents could not take good care of them. We can just visit such places spend some quality time with them by just playing few games or even by distributing sweets among these children so that they feel special or atleast we can have a healthy communication with them.

  9. Good morning Sir,

    Thats the way to enter in adulthood.

    Here is the video of that add.

    I tried to post something on my blog whenever i feel or come up with something which i thought good to share with others.

    It does not matter to me if got comments or not or there are any readers. but it feels good when you share something with world.

    Best Regards,
    Jayshit Ladani.

    • mkarkare says:

      Thanks for sharing the video. You seem to have seen videos for all radio ads. :). Last time, when I was talking about Gujrat Tourism ads, you had pointed me to videos.

      I had seen your blog before we interviewed you, because it was on your resume. I did like it. Keep it up.

      I am asking for comments for two reasons
      1. They will help me write better &
      2. They will help me get other people’s point of view.

  10. Manish Raje says:

    Sahi ahe. I am not amazed with the way she thinks, these are all Sanskar. Such a doll she is! Now this is what we call —– “Kya baat, Kya baat, Kya baat!”

    Wonderfully crafted blog.

  11. It’s grate idea to celebrate the Birthday….

  12. thakuranish says:

    Its the first time I have heard of this new way of celebrating the 18th birthday….but the my question is how did that thought of donating the blood come to Mayura’s mind?

    We can understand you thinking on those lines and then telling her…..but to come up from her… really amazing..;)

    • mkarkare says:

      How did she come up with that idea?

      I think that the whole household, her grand parents, her friends, the kind of books she reads helped her develop this thinking.

  13. Mohammed Sufiyan says:

    MashaAllah, this is the right way to celebrate….Thanks for sharing

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