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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…

I am writing this post today for a contest, Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!, sponsored by Dove & IndiBlogger, the popular directory of Indian blogs. I can see some of you, … Continue reading

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World No Tobacco Day

I probably should have written this post yesterday. Better late than never. When I was young, in Marathi, my mother tongue, there was a joke. This is how it went. Tobacco divides the humanity into four categories. 1. Those who … Continue reading

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As mentioned in the post Who are you cheating, I participated in a management training. During the training, the trainer showed a slide which had just a single word on it. DWYSYWD The first thing I noticed about the word … Continue reading

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How I quit smoking continued…

The second instalment of How I quit smoking. The year 2003 was a very mixed year. I was doing some very exciting work for my clients. In fact, we filed some patents for some of the work I did during … Continue reading

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How I quit smoking

Reader Sufiyan has been reading my blog very actively. He has been commenting on many of them. In his most recent comment, he asked me to share with the readers the story of how I quit smoking. So Sufiyan, here … Continue reading

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When I carried a man on my back!

Here is another story from Himankan 82. After I wrote the story about setting up the Lidderwat camp, a lot of other memories started coming back. Another memory that I have is related to  Girish Dravid suffering from Tendinites. Girish … Continue reading

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How smoking affects feet

I wrote a post a couple of days ago about I completing a half marathon walking, instead of running. I received many questions from people (other smokers) about connection between smoking at feet. Most people know that smoking affects lungs … Continue reading

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