Children are calendars!


When I was young, many times children were referred to as calendars. So if two childhood friends were to meet each other after a very long time, they would enquire “So how many calendars do you have”. What they were really asking about was how many children each of them had.

I always found it very strange. Why should a child be referred to as a calendar? I would ask people if anyone had any idea, but never got any proper answer. Here is the only answer I ever received. “As a new calendar is published every year, in old days, a new kid used to be born every year. That’s why kids were called calendars. Obviously, I never believed that answer. Smile

Calendars are essentially one of the earliest tools for measuring time. According to the Wikipedia article on History of timekeeping devices, The first calendars may have been created during the last glacial period, by hunter-gatherers who employed tools such as sticks and bones to track the phases of the moon or the seasons.

As I am writing, I am waiting for the clock to strike midnight. My son Mihir would turn 25 then. I cannot imagine that so much time has passed. I still vividly remember so many moments from my life that seem to have happened just yesterday

  • My first day in school
  • My first crush Winking smile
  • Great moments I had with my parents and sisters
  • Numerous hikes and treks I did while in college
  • receiving the degree during my convocation
  • Geeta making my life by accepting my proposal
  • Mihir’s birth and first time I held him in my hands
  • Mayura’s birth
  • Mihir’s admission to KG

The list can just keep on. And all these seem so recent! It’s very difficult to believe so much time has passed. It’s only when I look at Mihir and realize that he will be turning 25, I (reluctantly) accept the passage of time.

Eureka! That’s why children are called calendars. Smile

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5 Responses to Children are calendars!

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  4. Jaai says:

    Hahaha, nice example of randomness being entertaining.


  5. Dear Sir,
    You have always something good to share.. Thanks


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