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I wish I had done that!!!

Over the years, cell phones have become quite indispensable. In fact as I had written in this blog post, they have almost become our sixth sensory organ. They have become the most coveted objects for the teenagers. The age at which they want … Continue reading

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Everyone loves their family

There is no doubt whatsoever, that love for one’s family (and from one’s family) creates magic. Many a miraculous things happen because of this. Harry potter was saved from he who must not be named as his mother’s love protected him from the … Continue reading

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Birthday treasure hunt

It’s already an year since Mayura, my daughter, celebrated her 18th birthday by donating blood. Even her 19th Birthday was celebrated in a unique manner, courtesy her imaginative friends. Since about a week before her birthday, one by one, all … Continue reading

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The real life Saas Bahu Saga from England

Last week, the internet and the newspapers were abuzz with an email that had gone viral. The email was sent to a “bad mannered” bride-to-be, from her future mother-in-law. As per this story in Guardian of UK, In the email … Continue reading

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But are nurtured here…

Today is my 26th wedding anniversary. It doesn’t seem so. The time has just flown. It seems only yesterday that I proposed to Geeta and she eagerly accepted. What a great ride it has been. We have gone thru thick … Continue reading

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