Don’t be taken aback by the title of this post. You know that I am generally a very “proper” speaker, not given to using expletives. It’s the name of a book that I am reviewing in today’s post. 🙂

ShailendraSinghI am a confessed addict of self-help books. If spending few hours and reading a book can give me life lessons from someone who struggled to earn them, why not? So when Blogadda book review program sent me a mail, I was quick to opt-in for the review.

The introduction to the book and to the author was also very interesting.

What do you want from life? Are you on the right track? Are you truly happy? If your answer to these questions is ‘F?@k knows!’, then this book is for you. Find the answers to life’s most important questions with the help of uber-successful entrepreneur, Shailendra Singh, co-founder of Percept and inceptor of Sunburn.

The term ‘F?@k knows!’ was unknown, so as I waited for the book to arrive, I googled for the meaning and this is what I found in the urban dictionary. The true usage of the phrase is to claim that you simply ‘do not know’. That was helpful.

I also read-up about the author himself. Many times, the author’s background provides the required credibility to what they are saying. The author’s backgrounds become so important, that we find so many quotes and stories falsely attributed to Winston Churchill & Albert Einstein of this world. Every time I get a quote, I check it against snopes to find out. Here is an example. The detour aside, Shailendra Singh definitely has the credentials to sit-up and listen to what he says. Quoting from his personal website,

Some know him as a Sports Marketing Guru, some perceive him as an Advertising wiz, some recognize him as a Bollywood Producer and some acknowledge him as a shrewd Deal Maker, but one common image that everyone who has come in contact with SS, is that of a man with an undying spirit, inexhaustible ideas, and a supremely optimistic attitude towards life.

So I picked up the book with great expectations, and it didn’t disappoint me at all. The disclaimer gives you a test of what to expect. It starts with the line “Any resemblance with persons living or dead is totally intentional”. Digest that. I loved the frankness and the courage. It instantly warmed my heart to Shailendra Singh.

FKQuoteNext come the instructions on how to read the book. They make sense. The very first instruction is to read only one chapter at a time and to take long breaks between the chapters. That’s the reason it took me so long to write this review. :).

The book is divided into about 75 small chapters. Each chapter about 3 pages long. And each chapter almost completely independent of what came before it. So the book doesn’t force you to read it in order. I love such books, where you can almost open it anywhere, spend as little as 5 minutes to read a chapter and acquire a life lesson. (Rework was another book of this kind that I would highly recommend.).

Most chapters start with a quote that leads into the chapter and prepares the reader for what to expect. It is not all theory, it’s filled with many real life anecdotes and incidents from author’s and other peoples lives that really happened, and so touch a cord.

If you have read self help books or have a couple of philosophical friends, you have heard the advice and the tips and the questions. It is the style of writing and the language that is completely different.  The stuff is narrated in a very “friend-to-friend”, “heart-to-heart” manner.

The author is not at all shy about the language he uses. His ‘F’ bombs and ‘G’ bombs are not planted for effect, that’s the way he naturally & truthfully is. In the beginning, I would pause every time I encountered one, but soon, I stopped noticing them and started enjoying the matter.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book for any adult, even if you are uncomfortable about the “F” word.

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3 Responses to F?@K KNOWS

  1. rajeshrebello says:

    just finished REWORK …………. all the good things in a small package ! 🙂

  2. Yet another good review 🙂 An interesting and controlled presentation. Thanks for sharing it.

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