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इंग्लिश मंगलाष्टक

Last few weeks, we have been pre-occupied with my son, Mihir’s wedding. A wedding is quite a project, that needs contributions from so many people. In fact, In Marathi, we have a saying, लग्न पहावे करून. (One must experience organizing … Continue reading

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एक घास चिऊचा

I don’t think there is any Marathi Manus who hasn’t heard this phrase. No Marathi kid ever grew up without offering morsels to the sparrows.  In fact, the sparrow, was a great accomplice for the parents in feeding their children. … Continue reading

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My favourite Dev Anand songs

Mark Twain said, Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. This perfectly applied to Dev Anand. He didn’t seem to age as if he had some magic potion. The time finally caught … Continue reading

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