Innovation in the field of obsolescence!

USBTypewriterIsn’t that an oxymoron? Whereas obsolescence means getting out of date, innovation means a new idea, process, product. So how can there be Innovation in the field of obsolescence? How can there be a new idea or a product in the field of getting out of date?

Recently I came across a news article that described USB Typewriter. What can be as obsolete as a typewriter? As per this news dated 26th April 2011, the last typewriter factory in the world, closed down in Mumbai, India. And here is someone who actually is modifying a traditional typewriter to work as a computer keyboard. Among many other reasons that he may have to do this modification, I suspect a strong reason is to coin this oxymoron. Smile I love this oxymoron. It is very innovative.

USB Typewriter in action

As per the website Lovers of the look, feel, and quality of old fashioned manual typewriters can now use them as keyboards for any USB-capable computer, such as a PC, Mac, or even iPad!

old-record-playerI knew Nostalgia is big business, and people even buy cow fart cans by paying good money just to be nostalgic. This is another example of the same.

This reminded me of a scene from the movie Gandi. In the movie, Gandhiji ties a bull to a ford car and calls it his “oxford”.

So what other “innovations in the field of obsolescence” can we think of? Old record player / turntable that can play blue-ray discs. Please share your ideas…

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2 Responses to Innovation in the field of obsolescence!

  1. hehehe…my dad is kind’a doing a reverse of this in welding tech, would you believe? 😀 Actually, these days one gets electronic based welding machines which are smaller and lighter, but have a very small life cycle; for most of the cards cannot be repaired, and need to be replaced. We found many clients in Goa with such machines lying around, for it was not economical for them to repair it time and again; and their work was getting delayed. We picked up these machines and replaced the internal working with electro-magnetic mechanisms, which are sturdier and last longer. Also, since they can be repaired easily, we win long term relations with our clients! 🙂

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