Traffic behaviour and character

Today’s cover story of Mumbai Mirror The Good Vs The Bad, is about an experiment. Two drivers started from Bandra and went upto Nariman Point in south Mumbai. The good driver obeyed all the traffic rules and the bad one broke all of them. The bad driver reached in 70 minutes and the good driver took 79 minutes. So by risking his and other’s lives, the bad driver saved only 9 minutes.

Interesting experiment and a very valid point. But the real question is, what makes the real life “bad” drivers the way they are. I think it’s part of their personality.

One of my hobbies is to observe how a vehicle is being driven and make guesses about a driver’s character.

The driver who habitually drives the car in a single lane, doesn’t honk, doesn’t overtake is a god fearing, straight forward man. May be a little boring.

Some people constantly keep changing lanes, inching forward at every lane change. They would rush into any small gap, denying others their legitimate space. I think these people are opportunistic trying to go ahead even at the cost of others.

There are drivers who would start changing lane suddenly and will go back in their own lane when the driver in the other lane honks. These are action oriented people who do not think before they act.

On the other hand there are drivers who would notice the gap on the side, will contemplate changing the lane, will start changing so late, that by then the gap doesn’t exist. They suffer from analysis-paralysis.

Some two wheeler drivers zig-zag at high speed, change lanes through very narrow lanes, break signals and overtake everyone. These young boys (all of them ARE young boys) are so confident, they think that they own the world and nothing can ever go wrong in their lives.

Few drivers drive in the middle of the lane and move their vehicle such that people from both the lanes cannot move ahead. In real life these people hate other people’s progress. If he is your boss, you will never get a promotion.

I reserve a special hatred for people who try to get ahead in a queue at the toll booth by overtaking everyone who has been patiently waiting their turn. In my opinion, these people think that they are the centre of the universe. Everyone else is insignificant and don’t deserve any respect. In real life, these people are likely to be very arrogant.

And then there are those drivers who keep the rules most of the times, but when they spot a good opportunity to advance, without inconveniencing others, they will change lanes. These people will speed when the traffic is thin but will stop the car to let a child cross the road.  These are interesting, fun loving, humane people like me. Winking smile

Do you agree with my stereotypes? What are your observations? Please share.

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16 Responses to Traffic behaviour and character

  1. Charu says:

    A good observant indeed, i think i belong to the first catagory of drivers ,yes the boring ones .Nevermind for me the safety is of prime importance after all ‘Jaan hai to jahaan hai’

  2. Shivkumar V says:

    Good observation!

  3. Sachin says:

    Good one. I agree completely with your stereotypes. A similar article exists in the drafts sections of my blog; Looks like I am the analysis-paralysis driver! 😉
    Digging a littler deeper, you might also notice that many of the ‘arrogant’ types would have stickers on the cars, and/or flashy number plates.
    Among the motorcyclists, when it rains, the bad boys never wear a full rain suit, and stick only to the jacket!

    Now that the drivers/riders have reached their destination, their parking would also be in line with their driving habits.

    You could take this further and comment on what the nature of an individual would be based on how he/she dresses up. Some of the things to notice are – dess sense, hairstyles, shape and color of shoes, color of tee shirts, pattern of pants (tailored or not etc), accessories (watches, chains, belts) etc.[An individual consistently wearing a full shirt and always folding it up to his elbows means something!] 🙂

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  6. kartik says:

    yes, these are the common scenarios and to the extent, we hear of so many innocents ‘carpeted’ to road due to this leave alone themselves.
    Any way i can’t share the observations but certainly would like to share a thing where we can act upon them 🙂 .
    One way is like the forum of Pune Traffic police on facebook initiated by pune RTO themselves
    where one can complain, suggest against these errant drivers or vehicles and at least see that action is taken ..

  7. Sanjeev Singh says:

    That is good observation Sir. You have explained very well about the drivers character.
    Thanks for Sharing

  8. Sanghammee Prashant says:

    Tats indeed is a good observation sir…the thing i liked abt d post is d way u observed the vehicle driven and then making guesses abt d drivers character…we often come across such types of drivers while on road but never give an extra taught to ponder upon their character…good work sir…keep us posted….thanks

  9. Rahul Yadav says:

    WOW 🙂
    i love the feeling when i stop at red light coz pedestrian signal is green. And watching me stand in the middle of the road, the person trying to jump the signal slows down to halt.

  10. Mohammed Sufiyan Khan says:

    MashaAllah, kya observation hai….

    Haven’t observed anything like this yet…..If started, I am sure… It will be a good change…

    Thanks for Sharing.

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