Birthday treasure hunt

It’s already an year since Mayura, my daughter, celebrated her 18th birthday by donating blood. Even her 19th Birthday was celebrated in a unique manner, courtesy her imaginative friends.

Since about a week before her birthday, one by one, all her friends started calling her and informing her that they would not be able to meet her on her birthday. Everyone had a very convincing reason. Someone had an important lecture, someone else had to be away from Mumbai and yet another had an important doctor’s appointment.

All this was turning Mayura more and more gloomy and irritable. At midnight, all of them again called her, wished her happy birthday. Everybody also let her now how sorry they were that they would not visit her on her birthday.

In the background, they were co-coordinating with Geeta, my wife. They told Geeta that she should expect about 15 of them in the evening. They would get the cake, but Geeta should make all the arrangements for food. So we knew they were coming, but Mayura didn’t.

So Mayura woke up late on her birthday and was in a foul mood. The time passed at a snails pace. In the background, Geeta arranged eats for the evening without letting Mayura know. But with an upset Mayura, we had a tough time. And neither could we tell her about the plan.

Then around 4 PM, there was a knock on the door. Mayura opened it and found a small note at the door. It said

Dear Mayura

Happy birthday baby. Just help us make your birthday a bit more exciting. We kinda forgot where you leave. So please help us and find us according to the chit we leave for you. Please start running. We are waiting for you. Come soon.

Your loves
Friends forever

Another note at the door had her first clue.

It was always ME & U….
La La La La La…
From start to end all cheap things we did…
Our sleepovers with a special tool. My Pillow. Smile
Guess who Am I…? Smile

Place – MET

Mayura cracked the clue. It meant Mayuri. Mayura & Mayuri made RaRaRiRi. Smile. She was supposed to be at Mumbai Education Trust (MET).

Mayura ran there and found Mayuri at MET. Mayuri wished her happy birthday and left Mayura with the next clue. Mayura started working on the next clue and Mayuri came home.

And so on it went. From 4 PM till 8 PM. From Bandra to Dadar. Mayura solved a total of 15 clues and met 15 friends. Finally, when Mayura came home at 8, all the friends were waiting for her.

And then we made merry. It was a memorable day. Mayura found her treasure amongst her friends, nay, friends are her treasure.

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3 Responses to Birthday treasure hunt

  1. Manasi Naik says:

    Yup v luv mayu.. Bt it ws gr8 day 4 us als.. N it wudnt possi without ur help kaka n kaku… Thanx.. Even thanx 4 dis post..:)

  2. Manish says:

    Very innovative way of making it a fun time birthday 🙂

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