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The Taj Conspiracy

I have been suffering from a writer’s block for quite some time. Predictably, it’s a book that is helping me get out of it. And this particular book actually sucked me in. Off late, I haven’t read any book in … Continue reading

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Musical Housie

Our Company, Skyscape, started it’s operations on 19th November 2000. Since last few years, we celebrate the Friday around 19th November as our Annual Day. There are lot of “”extra-curricular” activates around the annual day. These include sports like carrom, … Continue reading

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Have you heard this?

What is your idea of spending a pleasant evening when it’s drizzling outdoors? Normally, for me, it’s going for a short walk! But what if you don’t want to get too wet? That was my exact situation yesterday. I hit … Continue reading

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Biz World for the Quiz World…

I love reading. I am a confessed self-help junkie. That’s the genre I read most often. This is then followed by biographical books and then fiction. But very recently I read a very different kind of book. I am talking … Continue reading

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