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Don’t let a mental block stop you

I had a migraine attack today morning, after a long time. Migraine (from the Greek words hemi, meaning half, and kranion, meaning skull) is a debilitating condition characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea. Approximately one-third of people who … Continue reading

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Letter from Girish to his Mother

I have missed a few posts is this month and the last month. However, I am part of another blog, Stories from IIT Bombay Mountaineering Club and I have been contributing to that blog as well. While in IIT, we … Continue reading

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When I carried a man on my back!

Here is another story from Himankan 82. After I wrote the story about setting up the Lidderwat camp, a lot of other memories started coming back. Another memory that I have is related to  Girish Dravid suffering from Tendinites. Girish … Continue reading

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Setting up the Liddarwat camp : Himankan 82

Moru added me to a group called “Himankan” on facebook and a lot of great memories resurfaced. I plan to share some of them in next few days. For the uninitiated, Himankan was a series of Himalayan High Altitude Treks … Continue reading

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