As mentioned in the post Who are you cheating, I participated in a management training. During the training, the trainer showed a slide which had just a single word on it.


The first thing I noticed about the word was that it was a palindrome, a word that spells same forward and backwards. And as I noticed that a lot of memories came rushing to my mind. Other palindromes like malayalam, the first program I had written to identify if the word passed to it was a palindrome, the song that was playing in the background while I was writing the program, etc. I was still present in the training room but had gone back 20 years and returned in an instant. Smile.

It’s really amazing how the mind works, how it connects various things and how fast it does all this crunching! Anyway, I will write on this some other time. Today’s blog is about DWYSYWD.

So the trainer asked us if any of us knew what DWYSYWD stood for? It was a very strange acronym. None of us had heard it. The trainer then told us. It stands for

Do What You Said You Would Do

Such a simple mantra. But not really very simple to implement. To be able to implement this hundred per cent, one needs to take every thing one says as a commitment and then work towards fulfilling it.

And what happens if we follow this mantra? We can become very powerful. so powerful that our word becomes a law in the universe! You wonder how? Let me explain.

A law in the universe is something which is always true. e.g. Law of gravity is a universal law because gravity always acts on everything and pulls things down. So if we always do what we said we would, then our commitment becomes a universal law!

This may sound far fetched. May look over ambitious. May seem unrealistic. But anyone who has made a promise and kept it against all odds have experienced that power. I experienced that when I quit smoking. I felt that when I set up the Lidderwat camp. It’s within all of us to experience this power, but we underestimate ourselves.

I am sure each one of us have risen above our limitations and experienced this power. Would you want to share some of your experiences? I would feel obliged!

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One Response to DWYSYWD

  1. Mohammed Sufiyan says:

    Do What You Said You Would Do

    Thank you very much for this…. I really need to apply this in my life as I am really not committed right now.. But I know through practice, I will

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