It’s already a month since I started!

On January 1, 2011, I made a resolution to write a blog every day. The first post I wrote was Why write a blog? and I said

So I am writing this blog like a diary, to record events from my life, great ideas that I come across from various sources, great people that I get an opportunity to meet. If others benefit by reading them, that’s bonus.

Before I know it, I am 31 posts and almost 2200 page views old. This has been one fabulous journey so far. This resolution of writing a post everyday, has injected a new energy in me. The last month was quite happening. In this month, we had a couple of visitors from the US who did a company wide training for 5 days, we went on an office picnic, we were getting a new office ready and today, we actually completed the move to the news office. But through all this, everyday, I would look for topics to write the post about. And then around 10.30-11 pm, I would actually fire the “Windows Live Writer” and write my post.

In my first blog, I had said if others benefit by reading them, that’s a bonus. In saying that, I was being presumptuous. I now realize that others reading has actually been a bonus for me.

Just the fact that other people read what I write, in itself has now become a great source of the energy that I feel when I write. For many days now, the first thing I do in the morning when I wake up, is to look at site stats to figure out how many people visited my blog while I was sleeping. Open-mouthed smile

My readers have been very kind in their praise and comments. Many of them have shared there thoughts and ideas with me and that sharing has shown me how ideas can grow when we share them.

An example that comes to my mind is the comments I received on the article How did Mayura celebrate her 18th birthday. Mayura celebrated her birthday by donating blood. Hitesh Chhatralia commented on the blog, that we could celebrate company’s birthday by arranging a blood donation camp. What an idea! We plan to do this for the company foundation day this year.

The readers have also been generous in suggestions about subjects for my posts. I wrote a couple of blog posts about my quitting smoking based on readers’ recommendations. There are many other areas suggested by my readers and I will write about them.

All in all, a great month. Looking forward to the whole year of blogging.

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