Puja at the new office

I cannot write about anything else but our new office.

For last two months, the office was under making. Now the office is almost ready and we will be moving this weekend. Starting Monday, we will all be working from the new office.

We did a Satyanarayan Pooja to mark a ceremonial opening at the office today. Here are some of the photos of the ceremony. All courtesy Sameer More.

Sameer Gore made an outline for a Rangoli and the girls from the office filled the outline with beautiful flowers.

Rangoli in the making

Rangoli in the making


Final Rangoli

We got a beautiful logo made and displayed it at the main entrance to the office.


People are really excited about the new office. Here are some photos of people enjoying the office.





And here are some photos of the office itself.




I and Geeta, my wife did the Pooja. Here is the Pooja being decorated.


And here is me and Geeta performing the ceremony.


Pooja was followed by Aarti.




And off course there was Prasad.


All in all a great day. Made possible by the hard work put in by the celebration committee of Skyscape. All of us are now looking forward to working from the new office.

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2 Responses to Puja at the new office

  1. Dhara Soni says:

    It is really awesome. Feeling great to work here.

  2. Mohammed Sufiyan says:

    I wish I would be the part of this…

    No worries, sometime changes are good.

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