No TV Day

no_tvHindustan Times had declared today, January 29th 2011 as a No TV day in Mumbai. HT hasn’t left any stone unturned in promoting this special day. They have been using their publications as well as hoardings for promoting the NO TV Day. They have a website for the day and they even have a Facebook page here which runs a contest. They also had a very interesting tagline for the No TV Day.  SWITCH ON MUMBAI, SWITCH OFF TV.

I decided to follow the day and not watch TV at all and did it quite successfully.

In general, I don’t get a lot of time to watch TV. However, when there is something very interesting on the TV, I can’t get away from it. This is particularly true when there is a very interesting movie going on. There have been times where I have postponed planned work, not paid attention to what was happening around me, not done my regular chores because I was engrossed watching the TV. There have been times when this has led to fights between me and my wife.

Television is an absolutely great gadget. It allows us to sit in the comforts of our own homes and teleports us to the past, the future, to remote and exotic places, all without moving a muscle. It tells us gripping stories, and shows us long winding serials. And and top of that, it offers us so much choice about what we want to watch. If we don’t like what is being dished out on one channel, we can switch to another channel, just at the press of a button on the TV remote. It has really the power to keep us mindlessly glued to it.

Do you know how to recognize the most powerful person in a house? Just watch who holds the TV remote control. Open-mouthed smile.

TV has transformed our lives. I have seen people plan their days around the TV programs. The time that was spent outdoors, or for meeting people before the advent of TV is now spent indoors.

In the past, I wrote a post about addiction to the phone. Television is even more addicting. It is a perfect device for old and invalid and infirm people to keep themselves informed and entertained. But should the young and dynamic ones be also glued to it? The term (and the lifestyle) of a couch potato would not exist, if it was not for the television.

In the hectic, urban life, TV provides the best escape to the stressed person at the end of the day. It allows him to unwind and just be passively entertained. However, there are just 24 hours in a day. The TV takes away the time that could be used to be active, used with the family, used for reading.

In general, I observe that a lot of electronic tools, all great inventions and hugely useful, are addicting all of us. Be it telephone, television, web, blog Winking smile or Facebook. Ultimately, a tool is only as good and useful as the user makes it. We can own the tool or we can let the tool own us!

I would like to modify the HT tagline for today and say


at least for one day a week. What do you think? Please share.

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4 Responses to No TV Day

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  2. Aadil says:

    Thats a great idea! I disconnected cable connection in 2005. The rationale was that i could always rent stuff that i wanted to watch rather than waste time flipping through channels. Has been one of the best decisions ever. I have since found more time to read, excercise and be happier without frying my brain in general! 😉

  3. mkarkare says:

    Here is another blog on the No TV Day, but in a very different vein.

  4. Mohammed Sufiyan Khan says:

    while reading ‘The monk who sold his ferrari’ I have come across to a lesson which tells us to Live a week without ur Mobile, Internet and other electronics which distract you from being productive…. I have tried that it work pretty well

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