Like what you do

Nowadays, everybody tells us to do what we like. You must have heard Make your hobby into your profession and you never have to work. Not each one of us have hobbies that can become professions. Smile

I was talking to a young professional yesterday and he was completely pissed off with the work that he was doing. He had got into the job with certain expectations, was very passionate about what the job could stand for, but was quite disillusioned with it as we were speaking. Not only had he lost his passion about the job, he dreaded going to work everyday.

Does that sound familiar? Many of us might have had a similar experience. From time to time, we would be saddled with work that we don’t like, teamed with people we don’t get along well, asked to do things that we detest.  The question is, how do we react to such situations?

People who believe that they should do only those things that they like, try to find another job, that they may like. And that’s perfectly all right. However, the question I have is, what should they do till they find this great new job?

I have seen that while they are hunting for their dream job, they continue to be extremely unhappy and disgruntled in their current job. That IMHO is a recipe for disaster. This can lead to a downward spiral. You hate the job on hand, so your performance suffers, so you hate the job more, so… ad nauseam, ad infinitum. We spent a very large chunk of our time at our jobs and they remain miserable for this whole time. In the process, they may even miss some of the great things about the work.

An alternative is to like what you do. It’s not as difficult as it seems, neither is it an euphemism for being an escapist. Our likes and dislikes are completely our own creations. There is nothing inherently likeable or hateful about any job or work or for that matter, in anything. Just as the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, our liking for the job is in our minds. And we can change a hated job into a lovely job by a simple shift in what we think about it.

So all of you who are looking for a great new dream job, best of luck. But till you get it, just like what you do. Who knows, your current job may be your dream job!

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2 Responses to Like what you do

  1. Dinesh Gajjar says:

    Yes, Its true. This is good philosophy of life. As you said, many times it happens that no one gets what he/she wants. But he/she can celebrate the moment with whatever comes to him/her as enjoyable. Trying to enjoying what is doing it makes life memorable.

    There are many books who teaches this philosophy. But the key is practice. I have learnt this from experience.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Mohammed Sufiyan says:

    Yes, you have shared the words of wisdom….

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