Showing off Mumbai…

When you have a NRI visitor who visits from the US very infrequently, how do you demonstrate to him the progress India is making in a very short time. That was the challenge facing me when my wife’s uncle, Mama, visited us from the USA after a long time. He stays in New York and works in the construction business there. He stayed in Mumbai till early sixties and then has occasionally visited Mumbai. So I decided to take him around Mumbai to all the new and notable landmarks.

MumbaiWorliSealinkWe started late in the morning from home and went over the Bandra-worli sea link. That’s one landmark in Mumbai that I am always very proud of. It’s the modern day Gateway of India. In spite of all the delays involved in getting it ready, once completed, it’s become a symbol of modern Mumbai. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to stop or walk on it, so you have to appreciate it from your vehicle as you zip through it. I had a chance to walk on it during the Mumbai Marathon 2011, and could really view the link from a very close quarters. Smile. Mama was suitably impressed.

As we come on the Annie Besant Road at Worli, we can now spot the tall twin Imperial towers of Tardeo. Once on Peddar Road, one can’t miss the Ambani Residence. As we go beyond Babulnath and come on the Chowpati sea face, the majestic building of Saifee Hospital comes in full view. The crescent from Malabar Hill to Nariman Point is always very spectacular and breath-taking.

Next stop CR2 shopping Mall at Nariman point. I showed Mama around the multi-storied parking lot. By now, it was lunch time and we had lunch in the food court at CR2 mall.

palladium-mallPost lunch,  we decided to go to Palladium Mall. Without any doubt, it is one of the most opulent malls in Mumbai. On the way to the mall, we went around the Mahalaxmi Race Course, with all the new high rises coming up.

Then we reached the high street phoenix. Once inside the mall, Mama readily agreed that the ambiance was world class and we could have been anywhere on the planet.

2011-04-16 14.27.14I saw a very clever trick played by one of the shops in the mall. Sayonara is a children’s toy shop. The display of the shop is very attractive and would surely attract a child. The shop has a usual glass door. However, that is difficult for a small child to open. Once you have a kid in the shop who is excited about a toy, the sale is almost certainly made. The questions is, how do you get him in? They solved the problem by making a small hole next to the door. The hole is large enough for a child to quickly slip in, and small enough so the parent has to open the door to get in. Chances that the sale is made are now much higher. Open-mouthed smile

Mama definitely enjoyed the trip, and I was very proud to show off our beloved city.

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5 Responses to Showing off Mumbai…

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  2. chandrakant says:

    Thanks for showing me around. Once about 45 years ago I was also proud of Mumbai. But then when I came to visit Mumbai from London after six years, I really did not like what I saw. I did critisize. Now, I know that was a big mistake.
    Then I went to New york, which is much better than London. Last 45 years, made me little bit older, and little bit wiser, to know,that, there is no such thing, New York is better than London, and New York is far more better than Mumbai. The simple truth is you like, where you live. It is better to argue about politics than the places.
    Any way, I was very impressed, when I saw the sea link bridge, except that connection to Worli Sea Face. About Ambani’s residence, I wonder, how he got permission to build such an U——y building. Home Town was great, better than Home Depo. over here, Malls were great, and Bombay-poona highway is great. But one thing I liked most was million dollar view from your office window. Even Obama does not have one.
    Once again thanks for showing me around my Mumbai.

    • Thanks Mama. I enjoyed showing Mumbai off to you. I hope I become wise as I age.

      About my office, it IS a million dollar view. And after this exchange, I expect the place becomes a tourist attraction. 😉

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  4. Mohammed Sufiyan says:

    Before joining Skyscape, there was a time when I thought to leave Mumbai and then I felt in love with this City again and now I never want to leave 🙂

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