Lessons in technology advertising

CreativeAdvertisingCurrently, every network operator in India is offering 3G networks. They have paid hefty licence fees and obviously want to attract customers in droves. They have started an advertising blitzkrieg. First the cricket world cup and now the IPL 4 provide the perfect platform for this.

Most people continued with their old themes.

Idea continued with there old theme of No Idea? Get Idea? . They also tried being clever and did wordplay on “Sirji? nahi, 3G”.

Idea Cellular–The Gym

Vodafone continued with their zoozoo theme. Zoozoos seemed very cute in the first season, and became very popular. But now it has become stale.

High speed 3G gaming

However, the freshest commercial amongst all of them is the one from Airtel.

Dil jo chahe, pas laye…

Girl: Hi! (Pause) Why did you call me, if you didn’t want to talk?

Guy: There used to be a mole here right?

Girl: My mole is not one of your checkposts – sometimes here, sometimes there.


Girl: Captain Avinash Rathore, A soldier should never bow down his head. Haven’t you learned anything?

Random guy beckons…

Guy: You just wait! wait till I come back

This advertisement touches a spot. It is a great example of how a mere commercial can become a piece of art. There are many things in this ad that stand out.

  • It clearly brings out the Airtel theme “Dil jo chahe, paas laye”.
  • The love of the young people touches a cord
  • The male protagonist is shown to be an army man. Soldiers do need to stay away from the family and hence need to be in touch with family. The dialogue also indicates that.
  • By showing a soldier in action, it subtly invokes a feeling of patriotism.
  • By showing a video call in progress, it clearly indicates the facilities available on a 3G network, without even once referring to the technology term. This ad shows an application of the technology, rather than talk about the technology. Compare that with ads of other network providers. They keep harping on the technology and application takes a back seat. 

Did you like this advertisement? What did you like? Any other ads that you liked in the past? Please share them with their videos. They are all available on YouTube.

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One Response to Lessons in technology advertising

  1. I really loved the Airtel one..I have watched it more than 30 time on youtube as I don’t watch TV.

    It seems that I have missed some of your post but no worries, I will read it all again 🙂

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