Customer delight…

CustomerDelightWhat is Customer Delight ?

It’s creating a feeling of “WOW” !

I had one such experience yesterday. I was extremely delighted and want to share this experience with you.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time researching for and writing my post, Long distance touch. I use Windows Live Writer to compose my post off-line. It gives me a lot of facilities and freedom for composing my blog. So around 10.45 PM, I finished composing my post and pressed the ‘Publish’ button like I do everyday. But instead of the usual dialogue showing the progress in publishing, I got an error message. Sad smile. This had never happened before.

Like I do (and I am sure most of you do too Smile) when a windows program doesn’t work, I closed Windows Live Writer and re-launched it. Tried posting again. Same result. Now I went one step ahead. I concluded that the wireless connection had some problem. So I restarted the machine. Posted again. Same result. Now I panicked. By now, it was 11 PM. I definitely wanted to post it the same day, i.e. before midnight.

So now I decided to use the web based composer. Inserting the picture there was bit of challenge since I had never used it before. But finally I managed that. Everything was done, and I saved the draft, just in case publishing fails again. I pressed the ‘Publish’ button. And… got an error message. Now I was losing my hope of publishing.

However, that error message had a link to report the error. Without much hope, I reported the error. I didn’t have a lot of hope because which large software vendor or service provider pays any attention to a small, non-paying customer!

I was very dejected. My labour of love was not going to see the light. Just browsed around and was about to go to sleep. As is my habit, just decided to check my mail before going to sleep. I had a mail from I was very certain that it would be a standard automated acknowledgement mail. I opened it anyway. Lo and behold, it was actually a reply from a human named Anthony! He told me that he had fixed my problem and if I now submitted the post, it would get published, and it sure did.

I was thrilled with this experience. But there was still more to come. I wrote back a thank you note to Anthony.

Thanks Anthony
You guys are awesome. This is what I was publishing
You may actually like it. 🙂

In another 15 minutes, I heard back from Anthony. He actually had read my post and sent me a very nice comment.

That made my day! IMHO, That’s what distinguishes between just good customer service and customer delight. Solving my problem so fast was great customer service. But actually reading what I had written and commenting on it showed me that he really cared. He didn’t have to read it. Anthony is not doing just a mere job, he brings something more to his job.

Any organization who has such passionate team members is bound to be very successful. If ever goes public, I would put my money on it.

WordPress rocks!!!

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One Response to Customer delight…

  1. Dinesh Gajjar says:

    Excellent experience and very good point of learning…

    Thanks for sharing it.

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