Corruption and Us

corruptionA very interesting post in today’s Mumbai Mirror by Bhavin Jankharia. People who live in glass houses…, He writes a column every Saturday and I read it fairly regularly and agree with him many times.

Today’s article was very thought provoking. It did refer to the recent hunger strike by Anna Hazare and the popular support the agitation received.

He questions whether all the armchair philosophers who supported Anna through all the tweets and SMSes and missed calls were themselves free of all the corruption. I am raising those questions for ourselves. Please honestly answer them to yourself.

  • Have you ever paid a bribe to the traffic cop so you don’t have to return to the chowki next day to pay fine and collect your license?
  • Have you ever paid a kickback to a government servant to get you job done quickly? May be some money in the registrar’s office to get the registration of an agreement quickly? or to get a Telephone / water connection out of turn?
  • Have you ever bought a pirated movie or a book because you are sure that even if it’s an offence, chances of getting caught are almost zero.
  • Have you ever cheated in a school college assignment or may be even in an exam?

All of these ARE examples of corruption. I am sure you can come up with many examples of such corrupt behaviour. Please share if you do.

If most people in the society think that these things are completely acceptable, then how can the people who rise from this same society be any different. This reminds me of an aphorism that I came across in the past during the Est training. It said, You don’t get to vote on the way it is. You already did.

Does it matter if the amount involved is Rs. 100 or Rs 100 thousand. These are still corrupt ways. We have to be the change that we want in this world. If we really want to see the world without corruption, we have to shun our own corrupt ways.

Do you think we can at an individual level lead a corruption free life?

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7 Responses to Corruption and Us

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  2. Sanjay Mehta says:

    I disagreed with Bhavin on this piece. Commented on his FB post..

    We cannot wait for a perfect world to try and make the change. Whatever compelling reason it is that we do our small bits of corruption, we do not like it, and we will be happier for a cleaner world. So we CAN support Hazare and other similar movements, and not wait for a perfect world to start.

    Cause the perfect world never will be.. till that time, we can only work towards making it less imperfect..

  3. I haven’t bought any pirated book or a movie CD so far. Nor did I cheat in my school days for exam. This not only gives me self satisfaction but a moral right in my profession.

  4. Nitin Valame says:

    महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स
    मुंबई आवृत्ती – १८ एप्रिल २०११

    “माझे अध्यात्म”
    – भानू काळे

    चंदूभाईंची ‘फिलोसोफी’

  5. AADHI says:

    We need to change the system the way present administration is functioning. We boast of ourselves as leaders in IT(Information Technology). But our application of IT in administration is very very negligible thanks to our leaders. For example if a traffic police caught a offence he can get the details and issue a notice to pay fine giving him due time say 2 week to pay the fine. There should not be overvelming power to the traffic constables. There are many way we can eliminate the systems generated corruptions. There is no accountability what each govenment servant is doing. Many times the servant not present in his seat and no one can question. The responsiblity of each government employee should be clearly defined. If we go to govenment office there are many brokers to grease the govt machinary. If we had a electronic token or queue systems as in bank and what ever requirements and further detail shall be given in black and white, then there will be no need to pay bribes. There should not be any discretionary powers .
    These are very basic thing any good administrator can implement. But no one will
    volunteer from the government. We need to force the government like Anna to bring the changes.

  6. Ruhi Sonal says:

    I agree, I agree, I agree! Its not “them corrupt politicians”. It is “We the corrupt people”. We can and lead a corruption free life. Each of us have to make that attempt. Even after six years of studying economics, I do not understand why people assume that only “incentivising” can work. I agree that giving incentives in the right direction definitely smoothens processes, but we are humans, not dogs who have to be seduced by a bone to move in the right direction! Lets use our heads instead of carrots and sticks for once!

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