The power purse

A few days ago, I had written about how an Indian engineering student had made a phone charger that charged a cell phone as you breathe. This week Times of India had a news item about A solar purse that charges cell phones.

Solar Purse - How it works

After a day at the office, the bleeps of a flat phone battery would normally signal despair.

But now women can charge their electronic gadgets on the move  –  using only their handbag.

Nicknamed the Power Purse, the bag uses solar panels to absorb the sun’s rays and turn them directly into electricity.

Danish design studio DIFFUS has created a solar handbag that lets its carriers charge their electronic devices . The stylish Solar Handbag has 100 silicon solar cells woven into conductive embroidery, that collect sunlight and generate 2 Watts of usable energy stored on a lithium-ion battery, reports the Discovery News.

Power from the battery is used not only to charge mobile devices, but also light up optical fibres inside the bag. These turn on automatically when the bag is open.

That’s a purse I would gift my wife for her next birthday. Open-mouthed smile

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One Response to The power purse

  1. Bonnie says:

    What a fantastic invention! I’m constantly teasing my sister because her phone is never charged, and now neither is her kindle. I told her not to despair, that we’d figure something out, and here you have the solution! Thanks, Makarand! 🙂

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