Better to be glum?


If you want to live longer, it may be better to be glum. Don’t believe it? According to this article in Times of India, people who are too happy die younger than their more downbeat peers.

A study which followed children from the 1920s to old age showed that people who were rated highly cheerful by teachers at school died younger than their more reserved classmates.

This was because people who were too happy were more likely to suffer from mental disorders such as bipolar,making them less fearful and more likely to take risks that increase the chance of having a fatal accident.

It was also found that trying too hard to be happy can leave people more depressed.

But even at the risk of dying early, I would be cheerful than glum.What is the point in being unhappy longer? Someone has said

रो रो के सौ साल जिया तो क्या जिया!

खुशीसे कम जिया मगर जीभर जिया!!

Actually I have said this. But people pay more attention when someone has said it. Open-mouthed smile (Copied shamelessly from P. L. Deshpande)

Don’t worry, be happy!

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