Chilkur Balaji–The Visa God


In last one and a half year, our business changed a lot. We suddenly needed to recruit people with skills that we didn’t have. Once employed, we had to send them to the USA to our parent company for training.

In the past, we had sent many people to the USA to our parent company and getting a B1 (Business) visa was never a problem. In fact in the past, none of the applicants from our company were ever denied a B1 Visa. So we never thought of getting a visa as an obstacle.

However, since a year ago, the things started changing. Many of the new people that we wanted to send to the parent company were not granted a visa. There were no explanations. Everyone who was rejected were given a standard form letter that said something like “You couldn’t convince our officer that you are not a potential immigrant and hence we cannot grant you a visa”. There were cases when some people got the visa, however we couldn’t figure out the logic behind granting or rejecting visas. My son, who recently started a business can really be considered a potential immigrant. He is a IT graduate with no regular income and is not even married. He was granted the visa after just 2 questions. Whereas our employees with family bonds were not granted.

So we decided to apply for the H3 (Training) visas. These visas are a lot more expensive. They have to be applied for in the USA. Once the petition is approved, the applicants have to attend the interview at US consulate in India and then the visa is granted.

Because of the work currently going on in the Mumbai consulate, we had to send our people to Hyderabad. They went there for the visa interviews. Things worked, and they got their visas. They came back to Mumbai with the story of “Visa Balaji”.

I had never heard about it before. On the outskirts of Hyderabad, in Chilkur, there is a Balaji temple. This Balaji is known for “Granting Visas”. A visa seeker, after submitting his visa application, has to come to this temple and perform 11 pradakshinas (circumambulations). Having done this, It’s believed that the applicant is granted visa for certain. This fame is spread so wide that large number of visa seekers make a beeline for this temple.

When all logic fails, most people turn to the god to seek divine intervention. The whole process of granting American visas defies any logic. So there is no wonder people seek intervention from Lord Balaji. Smile

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6 Responses to Chilkur Balaji–The Visa God

  1. Nagareeswamy says:

    swamy says:
    When most of the peoples accept a verdict which is derived from their experience – you also have to accept it. God comes only if you have belief otherwise no. Faith is god. You cannot see any God in any form. He is shapeless and formless. Only the experience makes the man to believe. If you call the nature is God – ok. If you call the light is god – ok. Visa Balaji gives Visa believe and get your Visa otherwise leave it – Dont go – OK.

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  3. Rahul says:

    its strange u had not heard about it. Few years back when i was planning education there, someone had told me about this balaji…
    It deserves to be in Ripley’s Believe it or not 😉

  4. Parag says:

    Interesting: the priests at this Balaji temple must be very smart PROs!!
    Unfortunately as a Professor at a rsearch Institute I can certainly not opt for the VISA balaji mode!!!

    Many of my colleagues and myself have had the frustrating experience of having not been granted VISA in time to attend a conference. I, as you know, lived in the us for 11 Years, had a green card which I intentionally allowed to lapse and came back to India on my own wish. I have a stable and respectable job and am not at an age when I am likely to “emigrate” to USA. But last two times that I was planning to go to US for attending a conference I as asked to submit the long pink form with detailed information about my research etc … and VISA was not granted until after my conference was over!!! with such experience many of us these days opt rather to go to other countries and attend other conferences rather than be treated by the US consulate officers like a shepherd treats sheep trying to pass a narrow bridge !! The US consulate officers often have the high handed attitude and clearly treat people at the consulate like fools…they just go about doing that in a polished way!! The last para in your blog really sums the epxperience up– it defies logic….

    • kp says:

      Yes,this is a human tendency to always seek some SUPERIOR kind of intevention where he himself fails to apply his logics, here its divine intervention.
      I was one of the previleged of the above mentioned office people to visit this temple. This visit was a good spiritual experience to being Balaji devotee myself, but temples with vibrant energy always arouse my curiosity to question the myths or past revolving them and how did VISA balaji became so infame since this temple definitley looked age old and from time where there were’nt any H1, h2-3 or B1/2’s. So i asked a pujari who was giving a card with 1-108 nos about the past. With enthusiasm he answered me, this was the oldest BALAJI temple in Telangana and that the idol was a swayambhu (Self-manifested) and further legend of how the temple came into existence. Actually people in and around telangana have immense faith in chilkur Balaji and if unable to visit Tirupati they come here to have the lords glimpses .
      Devotees used to show their gratitude in above mentioned way when their sorrows, worries were curbed.Now as all of us know that southies were techies and hardcore devotees who always thrived to maintain this trend of ‘study abroad/work abroad’ NRI status and Hyderabad being one of consular office, any VISA aspirant used to come here to be blessed by god and hence slowly spread the name of Balaji prefixed with a VISA.
      Other facts: This is the rare Balaji temple where devotees are not allowed to offer any kind of monetary donations in the temple premises(though from past recent months one can only donate to 2 branches of Andhra bank)
      Legend :

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