Cricket Mania

iiclogo2011The cricket world cup started and now the whole nation is gripped in the cricket fever. Bulbul Sharma wrote a very funny article Television is my rival in love and marriage in the Sunday Times on 13th February. I highly recommend that you read it in original, but I can’t stop myself from quoting a few excerpts from the same.

I became a widow at 22. My husband was alive and well and sitting right next to me, munching on a packet of chips.

But he did not respond to my voice and when I looked into his eyes, I saw a rectangular shape glittering with tiny men dressed in white. The terrible cricket disease that he caught in his teens had taken him away from me in the prime of his — and my—life.

Then describing the addiction further, she writes

Our daughter (yes we did manage somehow to have one, perhaps it was during the monsoon) is called Sachina and the first word she spoke was “out”, raising her chubby, little finger to the sky. Smile

On one end, we have such cricket fanatics, whereas on the other hand we have George Bernard Shaw. Almost everyone has heard his opinion about cricket. He famously said “Cricket is a game played by 22 flannelled fools and followed by 22,000 fools“. Shaw’s statement is very true. In this is the age of Cable television, only the number is wrong, it is not 22,000 probably it may be 220 million. However what most of  them don’t know is Shaw himself loved watching cricket.  Cricket historian C.L.R. James wittily observed – Shaw “sneered at the games, but could not keep away”.

What is it about cricket that enthrals the millions? There are many games that require a much higher physical prowess. There are many games which are lot more spectacular. Many games which are full of thrills. But none of these games, with the exception of just football, have this kind of following. Is it the glorious uncertainties of the game where the fortunes fluctuate every minute? Is it the skill of the players? Is it the individuality of the players in the team? Or is it the endless opportunities that the game provides for hours of heated arguments? I can never make out.

What do you think?

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6 Responses to Cricket Mania

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  3. Sarfaraz says:

    Cricket is a game of uncertainty which gives the weakest team the hope to win the game. Few overs up an down can change the fortune of the game. Nowadays the game has become quite action packed with power play coming into picture and good hard hitting batsman like Sehwag , Pathan, etc.
    I believe the love for the nation drives the most interest for the game as it is played on huge grounds and the team competes with best of the teams in the world. The thing which keeps the game more interesting is that most of the good teams fight till the last ball, not to forget the last game between India and England. Till the last ball is bowled you never know who is going to win, the Indian audience felt few wickets can turn the fortune of the game and the same initiative was provided by Zaheer from no where and India was almost close to winning the game but at the end a batsman like Shahzad of England known for his bowling and who has never hit a six in international match steps up and hits a six on the first ball he faced and the match turns to a tie. Its really a pleasure to watch tough, competitive cricket if you have love for the nation and cricket.

  4. Manish says:

    About the Lady writing the cricket mania, I can understand the frustration she has. That is because she must have seen the same frustration in her husband eyes, when she was watching the *BORING* Saas-Bahu serials (They should be called ‘Saga’, they long more than 10 years… its like entrant bahu becomes grand mother, and her grand mother when she came to the new house, is still around and saying “Bahu, tu sahi hai…. Beta, tu apni bakwas band kar!”). Now the television industry is woman dominated; I feel.

    So, when the cricket tournaments begin, it is end of the saga and start of new small saga at every home. Its like a new bud taking life in barren land. Thats part of life and everyone should accept it. Cricket is now a days not popular because it is really interesting…. but it gives some breathing space to men. Thats about it I think, probably out of frustration!

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