Now we can get a thinking cap

When we want to solve a problem, want to ponder about something, we say “I am going to put my thinking cap on”. What we really mean is that we want to take some time, and concentrate on solving the problem at hand.

Such caps probably existed in the past. As stated in the article on thinking cap on the phrase finder, such caps were called “Considering caps”.

consideringcapa considering Cap, almost as large as a Grenadier’s, but of three equal Sides; on the first of which was written, I MAY BE WRONG; on the second, IT IS FIFTY TO ONE BUT YOU ARE; and on the third, I’LL CONSIDER OF IT.

When one puts on a thinking cap, one is expected to be creative and think about a problem from various different angles. But what if you think that you are not creative? Would you want to use a device that will make you more creative? Take heart. It’s now possible.

A news in Mumbai Mirror on 11th February (I read the news the same day, but I missed a post then, so this is actually my missing post), reports that scientists have now found a way to boost the creativity.

Allan Snyder (left) and student Richard Chi (right) display their ‘thinking cap’ (centre) on a glass head at the University of Sydney in Australia on February 10, 2011Scientists in Australia say they are encouraged by initial results of a revolutionary “thinking cap” that aims to promote creativity by passing low levels of electricity through the brain.

Allan Snyder, director of the University of Sydney’s Centre for the Mind, said the device worked by suppressing the left side of the brain, associated with knowledge, and stimulating the right side, linked to creativity.

“You wouldn’t use this to study or to help your memory,” said Snyder. “You would use this if you wanted to look at a problem anew.”

That’s quite a discovery. Today, without any such device, our world is full of so many innovations. How would it be when everyone’s creativity is unleashed by such a device. 

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