Beware of iPod-itis!

I Love iPod

Every time I see Mayura, my daughter, completely immersed in her music on her mobile phone or her iPod, I start telling her about how bad it’s for her ears. She doesn’t pay any attention to what I am saying, not because she doesn’t want to listen to me, but because she just can’t with the volume turned up so high.

I always thought it was very harmful to one’s ears. If I needed any proof, I got it by way of a news item published on the valentine’s day, in the Times of India about a observations of a British doctor

Those who play their music at full blast on their daily commute using their personal music player / ipods etc. are at greater risk of developing iPod-itis, claimed Dr Tony Kay, senior chief audiologist at a Liverpool hospital. iPod-itis, a term coined by Dr. Kay, refers to tinnitus or the ringing in the ears problem caused by over use of iPod.

This complaint normally suffered by people in middle or old age, is now becoming common in teen agers and young adults. This condition can lead to deafness

If this was not scary enough, another news story caught my eye in today’s newspaper, Student with earphones on run over by train in Manjari near Pune. A 20 year old student was crossing the railway line listening to music on his cell phone. He was so engrossed in listening that he didn’t hear the approaching train, shouting bystanders or didn’t even notice people trying to attract his attention and got killed. Really a very sad incident.

Both these items really started me thinking. Should something so beautiful as music lead to loss of hearing or even loss of life! Is this a form of addiction? It sure has all the signs of it. What do you think?

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6 Responses to Beware of iPod-itis!

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  2. evelyn says:

    I’m not particularly a music fan but whenever I listened to the iPod I made sure that I can still hear the surroundings. I feel that it’s not good to lose attention to one’s surrounding, especially in extremely public places where people commute.

    I suppose you can ask your daughter to tone down the volume? 🙂

  3. soulcare says:

    We should set a time table – for kids as to for how much time,they can listen to an ipod .That way ,we will have made at least a beginning~

  4. PSS says:

    Felt disappointed the same way as the people of India felt when they heard P.M. of India ( in his live interview with media editors yesterday ) expressed his helplessness to control corruption due to coalition compulsions etc A stronger PM would have taken proper action on time, just as a father would, for his child.

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