Our sixth sensory organ–Our cell phone

Being in the field of mobile application development, I attended the Mobile Applications Conference India 2011 organized by Silicon India yesterday. The event was very well organized and well attended. It had a series of illustrious speakers representing the whole ecosystem around mobile applications. They represented mobile application developers, network providers, mobile payment companies, venture capitalists, the whole works. The audience was also quite diverse and very disciplined. There was an exhibition where many companies from the mobile arena showcased there products and capabilities.

I enjoyed the conference and learnt a lot. The presentation I most enjoyed was from Sam (Samir) Gulve, the Jt. Managing Director of Spice Mobility. Sam is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai and my contemporary, though we didn’t know each other during that time.

His presentation stood out for various reasons. First off all, he made it without the ubiquitous PowerPoint. It’s difficult to imagine a presentation in a technology conference without it. Another reason it stood out was for the passion that Sam brought to it. All other presentations were very informative, full of facts and figures, business cases, but lacked in passion.

Being from the field, I am quite used to hearing, reading and talking about mobile applications. Sam brought a completely new twist to it.

He started by saying that mobile technology is the technology that has got most integrated into our lives and has become the Sixth Sensory Organ for the human race. Not the sixth sense, but sixth sensory organ. God gave us five sensory organs, and then we gave this additional organ to ourselves. It’s almost like a new eye, a new ear, a new tongue that we have got. And when one thinks about an application for this new organ, we should really think about how we can make life easy, fast and efficient for the human race. I find that’s a really novel and revolutionary way of looking at the field.

Another piece of advice that he gave to the application developers was how to choose an application idea. He exhorted the developers to fulfil an existing need by an application rather than creating an application and then creating a market for it. It is really conventional wisdom, but the force with which he pushed the thought was amazing.

He did talk on many other areas, but these two thoughts really stayed with me. I will remember Sam’s presentation and these two thoughts for a very long time.

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4 Responses to Our sixth sensory organ–Our cell phone

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  2. oluwayomi shina james says:

    nice one

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  4. Pramod Nair says:

    Sir, I am glad that you attended the conference and you liked it.. I could not make it due to cold n fever since two -three days 😦

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