Everyone loves their family

Pictures of Drivers Family Were Stuck on AP State Transport Buses(Courtesy TOI)

Pictures of Driver’s Family Were Stuck on the dashboard of AP State Transport Buses
(Courtesy TOI)

There is no doubt whatsoever, that love for one’s family (and from one’s family) creates magic. Many a miraculous things happen because of this. Harry potter was saved from he who must not be named as his mother’s love protected him from the deadly curse.

I was reminded of all this today morning by this news item on the front page of today’s times of India. Family pics on dashboard cut mishaps, said the news item.

Drivers of Andhra Pradesh’s 23,000 public transport buses are a lot more responsible now, a transformation that has happened in the last six months. Thats because buses they are assigned to have photographs of their children and wife stuck on the dashboard.

On Monday, APSRTC that ferries at least 1.4crore passengers every year,received a trophy for its impressive accident-control record from highways minister CP Joshi. In the last two years,the corporation has recorded only 0.13 and 0.11 accidents per 1lakh km.

The idea of putting a driver’s family photograph on the dashboard was implemented last July in view of the psychological impact it has on the man behind the wheel. Every driver leaves home promising his family that he’d return home safe. A soft reminder of his family motivates him to be alert.

Such a simple but profound way! We normally think of all things government as completely dry, with no creativity at all. This reminded me of the scene from 3 Idiots where Farhhan goes home to convince his parents that he would become a photographer, rather than an engineer.

When his father starts scolding him, Farhan’s mother warns that if they forced Farhan to do something against his wish, he may resort to suiside, like his friend had attempted. At that time, Farhan shows his parent’s their picture in his wallet, which Rancho has put there, specifically to dissuade Farhan from taking any such step.

May be the AP state transporat guys saw 3 Idiots. 🙂 And may be, you are considering keeping your family photo on your dashboard. I am.

I am also reminded about another advertisement in which the love of the family was used to convince people about wearing seat belts. Here it is. Every time I have watched it, I have had tears in my eyes.

Embrace life, love your family.

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5 Responses to Everyone loves their family

  1. Aadil says:

    Thats very interesting. I wonder if it has a similar effect on white collar workers too. A lot of people have their family pictures on their desk or as wallpapers on their monitors. Maybe that dissuades people from acting rashly, quitting a job and in general helps them toe the line!

  2. Good article and very good idea to put in practice not only for driver of public transport but to everyone who drives the car.

  3. Sufiyan Khan says:

    I never waste a single moment after seeig that yoi shared something… It is because of the way you write. It is philosiphical as well as inspirational

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