Radio makes us happier than the TV


Tuning in to the good old radio makes people happier and gives them higher energy levels than watching TV or browsing the Internet, a new study has found. The link above takes you to a page on the BBC website and you can hear about the whole study while watching a picture of radio. Smile

In the British study, based on a survey of a 1000 people, radio came out top, beating both TV and online, with respondents recording a 100 per cent lift in happiness and 300 per cent boost to their energy levels when listening to a radio show.

“Those taking in any media — TV, radio or the Internet — were happier and had more energy than those consuming no media at all, and radio helped raise happiness and perceived energy,” Radio Today says.

The study found that listening to the radio increases people’s happiness levels nearly twice as much as watching TV does and gives them four times the amount of perceived energy.

Similarly radio trumped people’s feelings when online, especially in the energy stakes. Those listening to radio said that they felt three times more energetic than they did when browsing the web.

Why should it be? I think it’s because unlike a TV or a computer, radio doesn’t bind you in one place. It doesn’t demand full attention. You can continue to do what you are doing, domestic chores, cooking, reading, exercising, driving what have you and the radio still keeps you entertained. This would help drive away the monotony of what you are doing and keep you energized. We always have the radio on, since the time we wake up, till we start for work. Smile

So much talk about radio transported me back in time, in the year 1971, when my father bought our first transistor radio. This was a year before TV had made it’s entry in Mumbai. I would have said India, but TV was present in Delhi since 1959. And even if TV came to Mumbai in 1972, we bought our first TV set only in 1980 or so.

What fun we had with the transistor. It would play almost throughout the day. Vividh Bharti and All India Radio, both run by government, were the staple. We listened to Hindi film music, Marathi Natya Sangeet etc. Unlike today, not all the programmes on the radio were film music based. There used to be radio dramas ( नभोनाट्य)and serials (श्रुतीका). People who acted on them, really had a challenging task. They had to convey all the feelings through their voices and they did an outstanding job. We became fans of many of those characters and their voices. One of the shows that I remember distinctly was प्रपंच in which Bal Kudtarkar acted as टेकाडे भाऊजी and Karuna Deo (formerly Neelam Prabhu) as मीना वहिनी. (Karuna Deo expired just a few days ago)

Only private radio station that I remember was Radio Ceylon. We used to wait for Wednesdays when it played Binaka Geetmala, a programme that played the top 20 Hindi songs for that week. The programme used to be anchored by Amin Sayani. His voice as well as comments used to be as entertaining and loved as the songs themselves.

And then there were the live cricket commentary. They described the scenes so well that we were virtually transported into the match venue.

In those days, watches were also not very abundant. The most accurate time used to be available on the radio. So we used to ask for “Radio Time”Smile

Even today, I am a big radio fan. I keep listening to the radio while driving to work and back. It keeps me fresh, entertained and informed. Open-mouthed smile

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4 Responses to Radio makes us happier than the TV

  1. zephyr says:

    Radio today is more of the latest music both filmy and non-filmy. But I enjoy Vividh Bharati Mumbai for all those old Marathi songs which I used to enjoy in the 60s and 70s. Today my radio can’t compete with the non-stop nonsense of news channels that are my husband’s staple 🙂

    Btw, I see that you are part of the blog a day challenge. How do you manage to do it? 🙂

    • I don’t really manage the blog a day very well.:). I started writing on 1st January 2011 and for first 40 days or so, didn’t miss anyday. But then it’s on and off. So far, I have done about 126 articles. So have missed about 60 days or so. But without the challenge, I won’t do even that much.

      During the day, I jot down ideas into my cell phones memopad application as they come to me. While reading newspaper, while in meetings, while having luch. AAnd then at the end of the day, anytime between 9.30 to 11.30, I browse the ideas, pick one up and write on that in about 45 minutes. I try to do about 500 words and I also try to pick up an appropriate picture.

  2. Sachin says:

    Congrats sir!

    You have completed 6 months and we are enjoying and learning lot from your blog.

    Looking forward for such valuable info.

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