Biz World for the Quiz World…


I love reading. I am a confessed self-help junkie. That’s the genre I read most often. This is then followed by biographical books and then fiction. But very recently I read a very different kind of book. I am talking about BIZ WORLD, a book written by a pair of avid quizzers, Ravi Handa and Avinash Maurya.

I have always loved watching quizzes. The rapid fire questions tossed by the quizmaster. On subjects that mortals like us have hardly ever heard. The fiercely competitive participants, who seem to know everything and have an answer for every question that is thrown at them. The speed with which they give the answers and the high fives they give each other. All this is a very heady, entertaining mix. Would I participate in a quiz. No. But I always wondered about how they prepared for their quizzes. This book provides a glimpse into their world.

It may seem a little ambitious for a small, 300 page book, to call itself “A complete Business Awareness Guide”, but it comes fairly close.

Most quiz books, that I had seen in the past, have a typical Question and answer pattern. The whole book is divided into topics, and Q&A related to those topics are presented. This book departs from that pattern. The book is divided into four parts. Facts, Etymologies, Questions (and answers) and Tables.

The Facts part is almost half of the book and contains information about Major Global as well as Indian companies. For each company, it contains factual information like the founders, the headquarters, current heads and some trivia about the company. This part also deals with information about brands and their ambassadors, taglines of the companies etc. A good collection of interesting facts. These would be very useful for any quizzer.

The second part, Etymologies deals with origins of company names. This was the most interesting part for me. I discovered many facts that I would have never known. This section deserves a separate post of it’s own. I will just mention a couple here.

Intel was founded by Noyce & Moore and initial name considered was Moore Noyce Electronic. However it sounded like “more noise electronics” Smile, and was quickly discarded. Finally they decided on Integrated Electronics, but that name was already taken. So they settled for Intel.

Mahindra & Mahindra started as Mahindra & Mohammad in Ludhiana in 1945. However, after partition of India, Malik Gulam Mohammad went to Pakistan and became the first Finance Minister of Pakistan. So the name of the firm was changed to Mahindra & Mahindra in 1948.

Part 3, Q & A has, as the name suggests, questions for quizzers and part four has some miscellaneous facts presented in a tabular manner. An interesting list there is the list of Trademarks that have now become generic names. e.g. Did you know that Thermos was a trademark of a trade name for vacuum flask that later became a generic name?

All in all, a very interesting book. Very valuable for quizzers and people appearing for various competitive exams. An amusing, bedside companion for general public. At Rs. 105/- on Flipkart, it’s value for money for anyone.

One thought for the authors and publishers. This could make a good application for the smartphone. And at Rs. 50/- a download, could make a lot of money for them. Open-mouthed smile

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3 Responses to Biz World for the Quiz World…

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  2. PSS says:

    your blogs are a valuable addition to my knowledge about the world I don’t know…PSS

  3. I am surely gonna buy this book now..

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