My favourite Dev Anand songs

Mark Twain said, Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. This perfectly applied to Dev Anand. He didn’t seem to age as if he had some magic potion. The time finally caught up with him and we lost him on 3rd December.

But does it matter if he is not on the planet now? It doesn’t. We loved him, and will continue to love him. In many ways, unknown to him, he contributed to my life and made it more wonderful through his work. My favourite movie is Tere Ghar Ke Samne. I wanted to pay my homage to him, but how do I do it? And then I hit upon this idea.

Except for his roles in Guide & Hum Dono, no one accused Dev Anand of acting. Smile. In all his movies, he was himself. He was known for his style. And nowhere else did his style was as visible, as in his songs.

I would write about my favourite songs from his movies. They are my favourites because apart from Dev Anand’s style, in one way or other, they are connected to me, have touched me.

Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya: Hum Dono

To many of us, this song provided a philosophy for life. It talked about going with the flow. Before I quit smoking, whenever I lighted up, faced with some worry, I imagined myself in place of Dev Anand smoking away my worries.

Hai Apna Dil To Awara : Solva Saal

Every young heart desires that it meets the person of it’s dreams, and wins it over. Dev wooed his heroines and all of us young folks imagined ourselves in his place. Another song of the same genre is Apni To Har Aah Ek Toofaan from Kala Pani.

In this song, Dev Anand very cleverly conveys his feelings to Vahida without anyone else suspecting him. Smile

And the evergreen Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara from Jewel Thief.

Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hai : Guide

And off course all this wooing is successful and results in the loving hearts coming together.

However, even after that, there are always times when the girl gets upset and needs to be won back. Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahi : Paying Guest

And sometimes, the girl pleads with the boy to forgive and forget. Achcha Jee Main Haari : Kala Pani.

These are not all, but now I need to wind up. Will probably continue tomorrow. In the meanwhile, if you like this, share it with others. Also comment about your favourite Dev songs and tell me why you like them.

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13 Responses to My favourite Dev Anand songs

  1. Sudhir says:

    Which Movie it is when he rides to Simla at night and sings ‘Too Kahan —.

    • Sudhir, That’s “Tere Ghar Ke samne”, One of my most favorite movie. I have written to posts about it.
      This post ia bout the movie and describes Tu Kahan…. Even has a video link to that song.
      A french author commented on that post thru which I discover his post and wrote about it. You can read it here.

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  3. sateesh says:

    dear satya,
    all selected songs are very nice . i would like to suggest to add on 1 that is ‘dil aj shayar hain gam aj nagma hain’ from film ‘gambler’. and second ‘din dhal jaye raat na jaye’ from ‘guide’. i rate dev as indian film industries most decent romancing hero. any way thanks for sharing the songs. pls call or intimate your visit to pune, india. kishor joshi, madern , pune

  4. bhataria says:

    Nice collections. But I also like the song in Kutub Minar with Nutan in Tere Ghar ke saamne.

  5. nandan says:

    And please do not forget the immortal songs like………oh so many ! One has to literally listen thru the words and their meanings. Remember the song, words from which describes perfect character of Dev Sahab…” Thodasa haseeno ka sahara le ke chalana, hai meri aadat rozaana…likha hai teri aankhon mein kis ka afsaana “- Teen Deviyaan. Dev Sahab, romance personified….” aise to na dekho ke hum ko nasha ho jaye..khubsoorat si koi humse khata ho jaye ” – teen deviyaan again.In this song he meets his first devi Nanda for the first time.
    Who else can describe and define “love ” so beautifully ” shokhiyon mein ghola jaye phoolon ka shabab, usme phir milayi jaye thodi si sharab. Hoga jo nasha wo tayar wo pyar hai ” – Prem Pujari.
    I will share two more songs from teen deviyaan….his dusari devi, Simmi Garewal is in next room and Dev sahab in other room…before the song dialouge goes like this Dev sahab- Lagata hai abhi apko humse daar lagane laga. Simmi – Ji haan. Thoda aapse, thoda apne aapse ! 🙂
    Song is ” Uff..kitni thandi si hai ye raat, sulage hai tanahai meri…san san san jalata hai badan…” Makarand pls upload this song.
    And then he says in the same film…” Kahi Bekhayal hokar yu hi chhoo liya kisi ne…kayi khwab dekh daale yahaan meri bekhudi ne ” …..we all must have experienced this feelings and thus we all relate to dev sahab just like makarand.

  6. satish pund says:

    My favourite song would be Khawab ho tum ya koi haqeeqat (Teen Deviyan) and Phoolon Ke Rang Se (Prem Pujari) and many more…
    He inspired me and millions of people like me to not to follow old ideas…..

  7. Thanks Vijay. They are mine too. I particularly like the mocking that Dev Anand does at the beginning of that song. Watch the song here.

  8. Vijay says:

    My favourite song would be Aasma ke niche hum aaj apne piche..pyar ka jaha… (Jewel thief) and Abhi na jao chodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahin…

  9. jitaditya says:

    Main ZIndagi ka Saath should be the anthem of every man who values his life… had it been released now, it would have been released now, it would have become the anthem of the youth… it was far ahead of its time…

    I would have also kept Khoya Khoya Chand in the list…

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