Birbal and email exchanges

Came across a series of emails yesterday which could be summarized as below

Sender : We are thinking about scrapping a particular task. How much time does it task take?

Respondent : The task takes about 2 days

Sender : How many times do we do the task in a year?

Respondent : We do it about 4 times a year

Sender : How many people are required to do the task?

Respondent : 2 people are needed to do the task. So it takes a total of 16 person days a year to do the task

All this at a very furious pace. All exchanges within all of half an hour.

I was on the cc list of the exchange. After reading the whole thread, I concluded that the whole thing could have been completed in just one exchange of mails. This reminded me of a famous Birbal story.

As the story goes, the begum was always upset that Birbal was the Grand Vizier (Prime minister). She wanted her brother to be the Prime Minister. She kept pestering Badshah with that demand. Exasperated, Badshah decided to give her a demo, a la 3 idiots style.

There was some commotion outside the palace. Badshah summoned begums brother, his saala (brother in law). This is how the scene unfolded.

Badshah : Saale saab, Can you find out what the commotion is about.

Saala  runs out of the palace, returns in about 2 minutes, breathing heavily.

Saala : Badshah salamat, there is some procession going on.

Badshah : Procession? What is the procession about?

Saala runs out of the palace again, returns in about 5 minutes, panting.

Saala : Badshah salamat, It’s a marriage procession.

Badshah : Marriage? Who is the groom?

Saala runs out of the palace again but is  little slower. This time he takes more than 10 minutes to return. He is out of his breath.

Saala : Badshah salamat, It’s Sardar Maan Singh’s son.

Badshah : Oh? And who is the bride?

Saala is now tired. He can’t run any more. Walks out of the palace. This time he takes a lot more time to return. He can barely speak.

Saala : It’s Sardar Bahadur Singh’s daughter Badshah salamat.

Badshah : Oh? And do you know what was the dowry?

You can imagine the rest…

Doesn’t this remind you of the mail exchange above?

Badshah then calls Birbal and says, “Birbal, what is all that commotion outside?”

Birbal purposefully walks out. Returns after about 10 minutes and has all the answers to all the related questions.

Needless to say, Saala never became the prime minister and begum didn’t question Birbal’s position for a long time.

Who are we? Badshah’s saala or Birbal?

The reality is, we always want to be Birbal, but there are times when we go in the saala mode.

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5 Responses to Birbal and email exchanges

  1. Parag says:

    Saale, good point!!

  2. Aadil says:

    If they were getting paid by the hour, the saala would have made a lot more money than birbal. So the key is to know when to be in Saala and when to be in birbal mode! 😉

  3. Allwyn says:

    I see that all the time in my company. Bit of turf protecting or simply lack of confidence … monosyllabic answers until one gets frustrated…

  4. Mohammed Sufiyan Khan says:

    Thanks for sharing….

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