We learn life lessons from the most unlikely sources. Here are some lessons from Baloo from the Jungle Book

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I think I was eight, or maybe 10. I don’t remember. But it was around that age that I watched Jungle Book for the first time. It was a great experience. I cried when Mowgli left Baloo for the girl and went to the man-village. I just could not understand how Mowgli could do that, especially after Baloo had done so much for him. I would understand it much later.

Jungle Book played an important role in my life during those years. I remember that Gold Spot (an orange fizzy drink like Fanta) had announced a competition that if you collected a certain number of crowns, you would get the Jungle Book comic story book. I did that. And in the comic story book there were places where every scene had a corresponding crown to be stuck in the margin. If you completed the entire book, you would get a…

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