Happy new year 2012

It has been exactly a year since I began writing. And what an year it has been. Today, I would share some of the highlights of the year with all of you and muse about what I plan to do this year.

When I started last year, barring a few articles in school / college / hostel magazines and off-course essays as part of curricular activities, I had never written. Starting a blog was a very big leap for me. And I started by committing that I would write a blog post everyday. Smile. When I declared that, I was told that I am being over-ambitious. But I have always believed in aiming high. When I was teaching, I would always tell my students,

“If you aim to get 100 marks of 100, and if you don’t achieve it, you will still end up getting 90+. But if you aim only to pass an exam, and don’t achieve your goal, you would fail. It’s a crime to aim low. The results would be much better, if you started with a high aim, and do not reach it, rather than start with a low aim and reach it.”

When I aimed to write an article every day, I was following my own advise. And I ended up writing 155 posts. I am really happy about this. These posts attracted more than 26,000 page views. My highest page views on a single day were 240. Thanks to all my  readers. Keep reading, and keep commenting on my posts. Your comments make the whole exercise very worthwhile. And if you really like some of my posts, please feel free to share them with others.

On the way, I also got some recognitions which has made my resolve to continue writing even stronger. I was recognized as a Notable Newbie by Blogadd.com, largest directory of Indian blogs. My tribute to Dev Anand was selected as Editor’s Choice on 6th December 2011 by blogjunta.com.

Here are my top 5 most read blog posts for the year. People reached these posts using search engines. This gives us an idea of what people are looking for and what could it mean.

1. Sindhutai Sapkal. People are genuinely interested in Sindhutai. The movie really was very successful in raising awareness about her. In general, even in this money-driven world, people seem to still seek value-driven people like Sindhutai.

2. Traffic Jam on Mumbai Pune Expressway. Every time people Google to figure out if there is traffic jam on the express highway, they stumble upon this article. Tells me two things, a large number of people take the express highway, and many of them try to find out about the traffic conditions before they start.

3. A novel wedding invitation. This was the article I had written about the invitation for Rohan Murthy’s wedding. People stumble here looking for “novel wedding invitations” or looking for “Roahn murthy’s wedding”. or “Narayan Murthy’s sons wedding”. So the Indians are as obsessed with weddings as ever, and the people are interested in knowing about Narayan Murthy and his family.

4. Find out if your child is smoking. Parents seem to really obsess over their children and keep worrying about them. So if you are a smoker, know that your parents want you to quit. Make a new year resolution. This blog post I wrote sometime back may be useful in that pursuit.

5. How to write an examination to get great marks. It’s really surprising that this hasn’t been the topmost article. Smile

For the next year, we are working towards making our company “extraordinary”. So apart from my general musings, I also plan to write posts on how to become extraordinary.

Here is wishing all of you happy new year.

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10 Responses to Happy new year 2012

  1. Jayanth N says:

    Makya (Makarand),
    Great blogging. Easy style (as a blog needs to be), informative, entertaining and something for everyone. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Warm regards,

  2. Makarand, you, and your posts, are truly inspirational! Looking forward to your blogs in 2012. Happy New Year!

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  4. Aniket says:

    nice post sir.. I am totally agree with you that when you aim big atleast you end up some where noticable, infact that becomes your start of the long journey. if you aim century then you could end up scoring half century n 70s n 80s which is not bad at all. infact these 70s and 80s inspire you to get that THREE figure mark in your life.
    I was never a frequent reader of the blogs.. but I did it ocassionally and now on the second day of the new year I have read it this one 😉 not bad start for me either.

  5. Satish Jeurkar says:

    Dear Makarand

    Wish u all the best to your resolution. I am sure you will accomplish all your future plans, especially venturing on the dance floor.

  6. Sameer More says:

    Nice post.
    Shouldn’t it be extraordinary instead of “extra ordinary” – changes the entire meaning altogether. 🙂

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