Unleashing Genius

I am a confessed self help junkie. I feel that I can do a lot more, by learning some more tools and techniques from experts who write the books. So when Unleashing Genius by Dilip Mukerjea came up for review at Blogadda, I immediately applied to review it, hoping to learn some newer techniques. I almost prayed that I do get selected to review it. I did get selected, and the book didn’t disappoint me at all.

As you can see on the cover, the book claims to be “Learning miracles for children of all ages and adults of all disciplines” and rightly so. It is a collection of many tools & techniques, that can help the reader do many things that he would otherwise find very difficult.

The book is written by Mr. Dilip Mukerjea.  who is Owner and Managing Director of ‘Braindancing International’ and “Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd,” Organisations specifically dedicated to advancing human performance across multiple domains. Focus is directed on developing Intellectual & Emotional Capital for the Learning Economy.

The author promises that that by the time we complete the book, we would be a Certified Learning FUN-atic. Smile.

The style of the book is conversational and it feels as if the author is talking to you one on one. Reading the book is almost like attending an interactive seminar.

The book is divided into 10 different chapters and each chapter deals with a different aspect of unleashing the genius.

The first chapter, The Brain, gives general information about the brain and describes its functioning.

The second chapter describes how brain remembers things and provides techniques for Memory Boosting. It uses exercises with increasing difficulty of remembering and introduces tools to make it possible.


The third chapter introduces the user to Mind Mapping, the revolutionary tool for information processing and thinking introduced by Tony Buzan. The author is trained by Buzan himself in mind mapping and has been certified by Buzan amongst the top 10 mind mappers in the world.

The next chapter talks about Reading Dynamics. It introduces the user to basic knowledge about reading and then goes on to teach strategies to develop reading skills. It then gives tips about power learning.

Chapter 5 is dedicated to giving ingenious insights into how children learn and how adults can learn equally well. It also introduces various concepts related to Emotional Quotient (EQ) and leadership skills.

Chapter 6 is about creativity. It introduces various techniques to generate ideas. It introduces a tool called SCAMPER as an idea multiplier. SCAMPER is an acronym that stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to other uses, Eliminate, Reverse.

Jokes is the next chapter. One may wonder what jokes have to do with a book on unleashing genius. The connection between humour and genius is very well known. The chapter has a good collection of jokes. I pride myself in having a great collection of jokes. But I did come across a couple, that I didn’t know.

Chapter 8 is about Braintertainment. This word is coined by the author and stands for puzzles. The chapter has many puzzles of varying difficulty. Solving puzzles strengthens the brain.

The next chapter has Action Points, the things that are actionable for the reader. The actions that would help unleash the genius.

And the ultimate chapter gives Additional Information about the author, Seminar trainings conducted by him, his website etc.

I already have books in my shelf for each of the concepts covered in the first nine chapters in the book, but not a single book (till now) that covered ALL of them. No wonder the book has become a little big at 500+ pages. But I think it’s valuable to have all this information in a single, easy to read book.

The production quality of the book is excellent. It is multi-coloured. Each chapter in the book is printed on differently coloured pages. There are many apt illustrations that make the book easy to read.

The price of the book is not printed anywhere in the book. May be because the book is available in multiple countries. It’s available at Flipkart for Rs. 1,135/-, a little steep. But it may be available at cheaper prices at other websites.

All in all, a  great addition to my bookshelf.

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