Musings of a wanderer


As most of my readers know by now, I love reading books. And an opportunity to get free books is just too difficult to pass. Such an opportunity actually presented itself., the largest community of bloggers in India, declared a book review program, where you can get free books if you agree to review them. Smile. I promptly registered for the program.

When Blogadda invited people for reviewing Musings of a wanderer, by Shreya Chatterjee, I volunteered for multiple reasons.

I really liked the cover. The cover picture and even the calligraphy on it depicted the wandering.

Then I read the back cover. Right at the top, it said,

For I write, what I see
And speak of
Things I feel

That’s what I do on my blog and I felt as if I was meeting a kin. Additionally, it was poetry and not boring prose like mine. I have always envied poets. They can express so much with so little.

And then I received the mail confirming that I was going to get the book and last Sunday, I got the book in my hand.

The anthology depicts wandering of Shreya’s mind. How at every moment the mind goes through a different phase. How one thought switches to another within fractions of seconds. How the poet can see things in her life from different viewpoints. How life can be good or bad to you, and how every single thing has a hidden meaning which helps you ahead.

Shreya has a very imaginative  mind. A simple question like “What is a candle” (Candle tete-a-tete), floods her mind with so many thoughts. It could be a single life that burns out, a sign of hope in the darkness, a power to burn the existence, a witness to a lovers’ date, an unconditional companion of a night reader, or a march of flames protesting for a cause. Whew! If that’s not a musing, what is?

She wanders around a vast universe of thoughts. Sometimes, they are at two ends of a spectrum. She talks about the scorching earth, desolate, parched for rains and the faint chatting in an unknown language makes her wonder if it’s the “rain Dancer”, reeling to a native drum beat (Rain Dancer). And she also writes about the “First raindrops” that she rushes out to welcome (In love with raindrops). And then she writes about how having lost all hope, a sudden shower makes her feel hopeful (Sudden Shower).

She writes about a lost love(r) but how she will keep that a secret (Somber Tales). She also muses about two lovers who are waiting for each other to take the first step (The waiting).

As she says on the back cover, she writes about what she sees and speaks of what she feels. And she sees a lot. In Marathi, we have a saying, जे न देखे रवी, ते देखे कवी. (A poet can see things that the sun cannot). Shreya proves that.

Her poems are easy to read, but they do leave a lasting impression. She has a very fresh style. I would follow her blog on a regular basis. Looking forward to more books from Shreya.

If you like poetry and wonder about life, this book is a must read.Open-mouthed smile

(This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!)

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2 Responses to Musings of a wanderer

  1. bschirato says:

    Makarand–your prose is never boring! Thought provoking, enlightening, inspiring, but never boring. 🙂

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