Driving through Mumbai on a monsoon morning

IMG_0297My office works five days a week, so most Saturdays are off days for me. However, my wife works on all Saturdays. Her office is at Nariman Point, downtown Mumbai. It’s quite a commute. Every day, like most Mumbaikar’s she takes a train. However, on the Saturdays that I don’t work we have set a new routine.

I am fortunate to have a chauffer who drives me to work everyday. On Saturdays, he drives us to Nariman point. I drop Geeta off at her office and then return. The new Bandra Worli sea link has made the journey shorter and the total trip takes less that one and a half hours. However, it gives us 45 minutes together. In the busy life in Mumbai, where we hardly can give quality time to each other, this is an absolute bonus. Typically, we play 100.7, FM Rainbow on the radio. This FM channel is dedicated to old Hindi movie songs. We talk to each other while the nostalgic songs play in the background.

Yesterday was the wettest day in this monsoon so far. Today, it had been drizzling since morning. When we left, the sky was overcast and it looked as if it would rain. On an impulse, I took my camera (Canon 1100D DSLR) which I have very recently acquired, hoping to get a few good shots. I am sharing a few of them and even a video of BWSL that I took. I have never been able to take photos that look as good as the real world, but that doesn’t deter me from taking and sharing them . Some day, I will get it right Smile.  So hear they are.


Just as we came up the ramp to the Bandra Worli Sea Link from Bandra Reclamation, the sea was boiling, the skyline was visible, but blurred and the clouds were hanging so low, they really defined the word overcast.


The beautiful Bandra Worli Sea Link. As I had written in one of my earlier posts, Showing off Mumbai…, I think it is the modern day icon of Mumbai.


Haji Ali on extreme right. You can see the twin Imperial Towers of Tardeo on extreme left and the Anil Ambani residence slightly left of the centreand the Mahalakshmi Temple slightly right of the centre.


Nariman point and Backbay reclamation as seen from Chowpati and could see almost the whole “Queens necklace”


Looking back to Chowpati from Nariman point.


Walkeshwar and Raj Bhavan as seen from Nariman Point

On the way back, I video recorded the journey on the Bandra worli sea link. I didn’t realize that the Radio in the background would also get recorded. Smile

Can you figure out what the next picture is?


This is Land’s end fort at Bandstand. One of my favourite places in Mumbai.

All in all, it was a great morning. Hope you enjoyed the journey.

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19 Responses to Driving through Mumbai on a monsoon morning

  1. Deepak S Avasare says:

    Nice pictures. Have not experienced the Mumbai monsoon for years now.
    Was that Anil Ambani house or Mukesh?

  2. Nisha says:

    Your monsoon pictures depict Mumbai in a very beautiful way. Lovely pictures and during monsoon it really brings a smile. 🙂

  3. Lovely pictures of an overcast Mumbai!

  4. Raj says:

    Great pictures and nice article Makarand. I missed the rains that day as I was out of town. Look forward to enjoy the rains.

  5. zephyr says:

    The photos were great but what struck out in the post was your mentioning of old Hindi film songs which you obviously enjoy. I would love to share a post I did on radio of yesteryears on my blog. Do visit and I would love your comment too 🙂

  6. Seema says:

    Very nice pics and very nice video…Vicky liked audio the most–goes perfect in such a beautiful weather 🙂

  7. I loved the “45 minutes bonus” point… mumbai certainly is a beautiful city; if her citizens pause their lives for a while, spend time with loved ones, admire and care for their surroundings. 🙂

  8. Satish Jeurkar says:

    Nilesh is your blog fan. He press me to regularly read your blogs. Reallly nice pics.

  9. SIr, this is the best blog i have seen….!! the pic’s are awesome… the descriptions too…

  10. abhi says:

    Very nice pics. You have captured the beauty of Mumbai in your pics 🙂

  11. Saru Singhal says:

    Great pics and super description.

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