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As I had written in one of my past post on Pensieve, Harry Potter books really transport you to the magical world. Unlike many other cases, The movies based on the books do full justice to the books.

Today, Mayura was watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on one of the TV channels, and I couldn’t resist sitting in front of the idiot box with her. I have always liked that story. This is the book in which Harry potter learns to fight against Dementors, the most feared magical creatures. The whole story revolves around a “Time turner” that has been given to Hermione, by Ms. McGonagall, so that Hermione can take triple the academic load.

In the beginning of the book, Harry and Ron notice that Hermione has as many as three different classes at the same time and they wonder how she is going to be able to attend all those classes. She manages that using the Time Turner.

A Time Turner can be used for short-term time travel. The Time-Turner resembles an hourglass on a necklace. The number of times one turns the hourglass corresponds to the number of hours one travels back in time.Hermione is ordered to keep it a secret from everyone, including Harry and Ron, although they do notice the suspicious impossibility of her schedule, and several bizarre disappearances and reappearances. Hermione lets Harry and Ron in on the secret near the end of the book, when she and Harry use the Time-Turner to save Sirius and Buckbeak. Feeling the strain from her heavy course load, she finally returns the device to McGonagall.

I have always thought that a time turner in today’s world would be a god send. With so many competing demands on our time, we are always choosing to do one thing at the cost of another. And these choices are always very difficult. Do I spend some extra time at office rather than spend that same time with the family? Do I watch that interesting movie on the idiot box or go out with my dear wife? How many times have we realized that we made a wrong choice and cursed ourselves for that?

With a time turner, we don’t have to face these choices ever again. We can do both. Just turn the hourglass back.

But then again, would we become more irresponsible with how we use our time? Even in absence of such a device, many a times, we do not make conscious choices about it’s usage. Would we become even more wasteful in how we use our time? On the other hand, because of the shortage of time, we are choosey about what we get into. Would we tend to take on a lot more than we can handle, if we had a time turner? And get more stressed and stretched thin? Remember, Hermione finally gave up her time turner.

I think it’s far important to decide our priorities and allocate our time accordingly than to wish for more time in the day. A tool like Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix is far better than any of the time turner’s we could find.

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  1. Most valuable post… Thanks for sharing

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