A novel wedding invitation

sudha-murthy-and-narayana-murthyIn my last post, I wondered about what kind of people we Indians have become. I was really troubled by what I experienced. However today’s newspaper brought a news which was very heart warming.

Who doesn’t know Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys? He has become a legend in his own lifetime.

As an IIT graduate he started Infosys with an investment of just Rs 10,000 and nurtured the organization until it was a world-class company, valued at thousands of crores today.

But his biggest legacy will be the dreams and confidence his company’s success has fostered in a whole generation of middle-class India. He has really made us believe in the “Indian Dream”. That if you have a dream and capabilities, it is possible for you to reach great heights even if you do not belong to an Industrial family or have any political backing.

And Sudha Murthy, his wife, The girl who wrote a letter directly to JRD Tata for discriminating against girls while recruiting in TELCO, and was invited for the interview on insistence of JRD. She did get selected and worked for TELCO for many years. She is also well known for her books and the charitable work she does.

rohan-murthyTheir son, Rohan is now getting married to Lakshmi Venu, daughter of TVS Motors chairman Venu Srinivsan. The heart warming news that I referred to is about their wedding invitation.

The invitation card has been printed on 100% recycled paper and a sheet inserted inside tells about the Akshaya Patra Foundation set up in 2000 with the objective of providing a fresh wholesome cooked lunch to children in public schools.Today,it feeds 1.2 million of these kids,ensuring their adult health and even their continued education.

The card then says, We are delighted that you will be joining us for the wedding. We have been very fortunate and the chances of fate have given us both so much. We would love for our wedding to support a cause we care about dearly and one that will have a positive impact on society. Hence, if you are thinking of buying us a gift or flowers for our wedding, we request that you instead contribute to the following cause.

When one hears about weddings in which 300 Cr. rupees are spent on a single day and helicopters being given as gifts to the groom, such a gesture really steals my heart. My best wishes to Rohan and Lakshmi.

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3 Responses to A novel wedding invitation

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  2. p.arunodhaya says:

    i too read the same piece of info on the daily today.. it was indeed a heart touching gesture.

  3. MashaAllah… Leaders make leaders.

    Thanks for sharing sir…

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