That man is richest…

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One of the things that I try not to miss, is to read the Times of India on Sunday mornings. I hugely enjoy reading the Sunday Times with a breakfast of bread-butter-omelette and cups and cups of tea. May be because it reminds me of my IIT hostel days.

I read the entire editorial page. A column that I haven’t missed since a very long time is Swaminomics by Swaminathan S Ankalesaria Aiyar aka S2A2.

Since last few months, I also regularly read the Smart Money column written by Gaurav Mashruwala on financial planning. The format of that column is very interesting. Each column revolves around a young couple and their family. The family is first introduced. Then it gives a list of the couple’s financial goals, what they are saving for. It is then followed by the analysis of where they are today. And then there are suggestions about how they should proceed ahead to meet their financial goals. I would say a must read for ALL the young people. I wish something like this was available when I was young.

This week’s Smart Money had a very interesting quote by Henry David Thoreau . That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest. I hadn’t heard it before. It immediately struck a chord. How true, and how simply stated.

Most of us run after making money hoping that the riches will give us pleasures. But if the pleasures that we seek are expensive, we would need to make more and more money. In the bargain, we may miss many simple pleasures which are ours for taking for free!

It doesn’t cost anything to stop and watch a beautiful sunset which happens everyday. A simple cutting chai consumed on a road corner with one’s friends can be as pleasurable as a cocktail enjoyed with the same friends in a five start hotel. The pleasure one gets sitting with ones life partner, holding hands on a full moon night on the seashore, listening to the waves costs nada, zilch, nothing. The joy one gets just looking at a smiling child or listening to him babble is incomparable. But we are so busy getting rich, we never have time for these.

I remember a poem we had in school. I don’t recall the poet. It went something like this अमृतघट भरले तुझ्या घरी का वणवण फिरसी बाजारी. Roughly translated, it says, You have a pot of nectar at home, why are you trying to buy it outside.

That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.

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3 Responses to That man is richest…

  1. kp says:

    This reminds me of introducing my nephew to Indian burgers (Vada pav),he was a smart kid , 7-8 year old banglorean grown up with his NRI cousins and he had all the styles, tongue and knowledge of a convent upper hills urbanite. My friend and myself were going to pune city for some work and he also accompanied us.In between chatting with him we discovered he was a Mc’donald burger freak and he expected one from his uncle as any nephew would, driving midway through katraj bypass road i asked him for some meals /snacks and no wonder his question — any mc donald here? my friend asked him vada pav khayega ? and he had a blank look and asked me whats that? and i just said its “indian Burger”, would you try ? Being pampered by me he had some faith and hence agreed for one.So we stopped to Joshi vadewale a famous vadapav joint on katraj highway, i went there to the counter i asked to stuff in few onion rings with coconut chutney and ketchup inside the Bun (pav) with vada to make it Indian Burger and one final touch – wrap it with tissue paper.
    Done i offered him to eat this with doubts as of chef offering his speciality for firsttime and he had all the looks of a strict veggie eating nonveg for first time, but after some insisting and his taste buds approving it, his looks changed to like he had aloo MC with him and mine like a crafty chef :).
    ……And today being 14 years of age n some maturity whenever he is in pune he reminds how he enjoys the hot deeply fried vadas of ” Indian Burger” over the microwave heated McD’s aloo tikki, just sitting opposite to Mc’D at pune nasta house :).

  2. Hi Karkare Sir, I had no idea that you are such an eloquent writer. You have me hooked to this blog now. Will see you here often 🙂

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