Finally, a century…


My yesterday’s article You named me WHAT? was my 100th article!

I was in the Nervous nineties for a very long time. My article on 20th April, Children are calendars! was my 97th. Like a a typical cricketer, I took a whole month to write the next three articles.

I went to USA for a business trip on 21st for about 16 days. It was a very hectic, eventful and fruitful trip.

I travelled a lot, interacted with a lot of colleagues face to face. Met with a close friend after a gap of twenty years. Got an opportunity to experience spring in America. Our car got towed away in Washington DC. Attended the “National Science Bowl 2011” contest. Missed my connecting flight while returning to Mumbai. And then, I almost got detained on the Newark airport because the airline officer on thought I had tampered with my passport. Quite a trip! And enough material to write many posts. However, with all this, I managed to write only 2 posts.

So when I reached India on the night of 9th May, I had only one article left to reach the century. What I experienced must be what is called “Writer’s Block”. No doubt the days were very hectic while I was doing my regular work and was also trying to catch up on my two weeks worth of pending stuff. But that’s how it always has been. In spite of that I managed to carve time to write my daily post earlier. But since my return, I couldn’t make me touch the pen, nay the keyboard.

Good habits are very difficult to form. In my post on New year resolutions, I had written that it takes 21 days to form a habit. But breaking the habit doesn’t take very long. So I could not get me to post. Newton’s first law, slightly modified, says, An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an external force. I needed an external force to move from rest.

Even if I stopped posting, my readers, you, didn’t abandon me. Smile. I continued checking my stats every morning and could witness a number of people who went to my “Home Page” every morning looking to see if I had posted anything. Thanks guys. This made me feel guilty, but not enough to write a post.

Finally, some of the readers decided to take things in their hands. I received direct Facebook messages from some readers urging me to write and finally yesterday a reader (Parag, my brother in law) actually called me up asking why the last post on my blog was dated 29th April! Now that was really moving, and move I did. Open-mouthed smile

I hope I don’t face this kind of block again. I look forward to the same love and support from all my readers. I now know that it’s the readers who make the author and not the other way round.

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6 Responses to Finally, a century…

  1. Santosh Naik (Unlabeled) says:

    “Newton’s first law, slightly modified, says, An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an external force”
    was very well modified.
    I liked it. Congrats for Century

  2. Arti says:

    We hit it at almost the same time! Congrats and here’s wishing you many more! Keep up the good run 🙂

  3. Dinesh Gajjar says:

    Great to see your new posts on blog 🙂 keep writing.

    Congratulation for century and all the best for next 100 🙂

    By the way – 21 days repetition of act to make habit worked for readers also 😉 thats way even you didn’t post for two weeks, readers (including me) couldn’t resist to visit your blog to see new post 😉

  4. Rahul says:

    congratulations on scoring a century…:)
    its been a long time i have also followed ur blog…bt now feel refreshed.

  5. Viyoma says:

    Congratulations. That’s quite an achievement. May the next 100 come more soon!

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